Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New Look!

Pure Spec in Edmonton was awesome, as expected. The only damper on the weekend was the frigid cold temperatures that kept most of us in, when we could easily have enjoyed some of the local eateries and pubs.
Met a fan who had the best costume I've seen in a while, a Battlestar Galactica pilot's uniform.

Coming the new year, we've got some changes coming around the website and social networking sites. Instead of having three to manage and maintain, we've joined them together, so that things will be easier for you, the reader, to navigate and find. Our website will remain at the location, but you'll see the launch page for all three imprints. Links to the appropriate stores will remain the same and will be easily found on the website, but with only one place to add news and stuff, it'll be simpler to take care of. Our Yahoo reader loop has been rebranded to the CBG Readers (Champagne Book Group), so that we can have some really wild conversations there now. Those Carnal Passions erotic authors can mingle freely with the science fiction dudes and the romance authors can make mischief with whomever they please! Also, our Twitter account will be switched around too. The Carnal Passions account, which is relatively small for the moment, has been shut down with followers encouraged to follow the main Champagne account, which again will be rebranded to CBG.

And now that has all been done, I can actually get to the blog more often!

'Til next time,


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