Sunday, June 6, 2010

Win A Free E-Book!

I'll do anything, even bribe you with the chance to win a free e-book, to come and participate in my Author Spotlight on the Goodreads reading group Romance Readers Reading Challenges. The spotlight and contest run from June 7th -11th.

Everyone who asks me a question in the spotlight, even ones that make me squirm and blush, will be entered into a draw to win one of my e-books. Admit it, you'd like to try and win my newest release, Take A Chance where a modern day librarian must save a wizard from a dastardly curse.

I know the choice will be hard, kind of like my heroes lol.

Don’t be shy. Pop by, say hello and give yourself a chance to win.
I hope to see you there
Eve Langlais

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  1. sorry I missed this, sounds like my kind of book
    Julie D'Arcy