Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Interview with Allison Knight

Tami: What a pleasure to have you in my lair Allison.....I mean, welcome to our blog, it's lovely to have you here.

Allison: Don't be too hard on me. After all - I am recovering. Not sure from what, but I am recovering

Tami: Really, it's not that bad being here is it? And we are thrilled that you are recovering from whatever it was you had. We hate it when you are down. *hands Allison some nice warm tea and gives her a hug* I was peeking at your webpage (, and I got stuck on the first page staring at the eyes on the cover of Heart Song....which has a wonderful award attached to it. Tell me about the book, and the award will you? **sneaks back to stare into those eyes while Allison talks**

Allison: That has to be the most perfect cover I've ever had. Champagne's cover artists are better than some of NY's best. I'm so proud of that book. When I go to book signings, that's the book people pick up. Covers make a book. Now, about the book, I've explained how it came to me, and the story centers around a Welsh Princess and an English Baron at the time of Edward the first. Of course, they don't get along. (grinning) But it is a romance and for it to win an award like the best novel of the year was the very best award I could have gotten. For me, as an author, it means I've finally arrived!

Tami: What? Sorry, I was still staring. You caught me. I know, best novel of the year! How awesome is that? I'm very proud of you and your accomplishments. It has to be a major high for you. Oh, that was great, thanks for telling us what that was all about, it sounds great. What else have you got going on in your house hold? Is that a furry little kitty cat I see? Awww.....*leans over to pet*

Allison: You just met Wally. He's been rescued from one of those big chain stores for which our second son works. We got him when he was seven weeks old. First cat I've ever seen that sleeps on his back with his front paws crossed and his rear paws curled up in the air. Opps! here comes our old man. He's twelve years old now and believes the house (especially my desk) is his personal property. Be careful. He likes to bite. Now that I'm feeling better, I'm getting organized to start on another book. I'm a plotter and I'm an organizer. I have to have everything ready before I start to write. Of course, I really should finish the London fire story. HMMMM. Maybe I should wait on a new novel. (Scratching head and looking at binder with London fire details in it)

Tami: London fire? Is this going to be a current day story or a historical? I love a historical! Do you see what you have done? Now you have gotten me caught up in a book that's not even written. Shame on you Allison, shame on you....

Allison: This is another historical and this one features a white cat. I'm afriad, at times, the cat steals the show. It involves the plague followed by the fire. Of course, my hero is part of the solution to the fire. Nothing like adding a little twist to history.

Tami: I love how heroes make the world go round. :) Well now that I have heard some of your story lines, I need to know; what got you started in writing? I love hearing the stories and finding out where the spark really started. :)

Allison: I read a book where the mother of a character disappeared in the middle of the book, and that mother played an important part, the heroine's eyes changed color twice and the plot - eventually - made no sense. I knew I could write a better romance. So I wrote a book. I still like my first book, all 150 thousand words. Back when I started bigger books were the 'in' thing.

Tami: That's like going to an art museum and saying, "Even my 5 year old can paint better than that!" And from what I've heard, (you know awards and reviews and all) you've done a good job doing better. Now, you knew this question was coming, what's in the works? I know you have good news, I've heard it already, but your fans haven't.....tell them already!

Allison: Champagne Books has contracted the sequel to Heartsong, this one called Battlesong. I'll give a hint. This one is about Rhianna's youngest brother and his fiesty wife. I hope the title gives a clue about how these two react - to each other. Oh, I do love to match characters who throw sparks off each other, then make their lives miserable.

Tami: Yeah! I am so excited excited for you. I bet you were jumping up and down and virtually bouncing all over the place.

Allison: I was screaming, if truth be told. I love the characters of Heartsong so much I just couldn't let them go. I had to write Arthur's story. Of course, there is still Alvin's story. He's brother number tthree. Rhianna has five in all. Who knows what might occur to me. I have a vague outline for the one about Alvin. And more of my Heartsong characters. But that will follow the Fire story, I think, and then there is the story titled A Love Betrayed. It's also in progress. It takes place in Virginia after the Civil War. Another surprise ending, I hope. This is what happens when you have a hundred characters running around in your head shouting, "Tell my story. Tell mine!" My friends thinks I'm nuts. HMMMM Could they have something there????

Tami: Well I think we all are nuts in our own little way! Girl, I could curl your hair with some of the stories I have. LOL. I want to thank you for stopping by the lair and talking with us. Do you have any last minute thoughts before you leave me? :(

Allison: This wasn't bad. Thank you Tami, for asking me to visit. Come on over and have some coffee and cake. That, by the way, is how I started this business of writing.
I figured I'd write a cookbook. I entitled it - Ready? - "Everything your mother-in-law didn't tell you." My husband says it's a good thing it never got finished. Some of my recipes were real duds! My family endured some of my failures. But I do make excellent desserts. So come on over for some cake and coffee - any time. Thanks again.

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