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Savvy Saturday: Sheila Stewart's Favorite Scene

This excerpt from Penetrating the Darkness, is one of my favorites. I tend to write about some pretty dark stuff so I like to thread some comedy into the story to break things up. I’m a sarcastic person and I like to use that in my stories. When I wrote this scene, I decided that my characters, Jonah and Dante needed to have a discussion about the future. With the Darkness engulfing the city, everyone is starting to feel it. They miss the simple things in life like grass, flowers, life. Dante and Jonah were human before the Darkness fell and the vampires took over, so they’re still getting used to it. Jonah is a nerd, as Dante likes to refer to him. He’s brilliant and has created some fierce and helpful gadgets to help take out the vamps. In this scene, I showcase two of them.

Jonah and Dante couldn’t be more opposite. Dante is a Private Detective and used to seeing and dealing with some pretty tough stuff. Jonah is used to being behind a computer. I put these two together to learn from each other.

I like to write with music going. Dance music is usually the play list I choose because it pumps me up. I feel energized. I usually don’t plot out how my story will go. I just let it flow. When I’m in the zone, I can write for hours. I remember this scene taking over. I don’t remember what song was playing, what was going on around me. I found myself in the dark, sitting on a car with two men who like to jab at each other and have fun while they wait for the vampires to find them. I was there, chuckling at their humor. It wasn’t just words I wrote, it was life taking place in front of me.

I hope when you read this you can picture yourself sitting on a car, in the darkness, waiting for the vampires to come and get you.

Penetrating the Darkness: Book 6 in the Darkness series.

“What’s the first thing you’re going to do when the sun comes back?” Dante asked as he picked up a small rock and began tossing it in the air.



“Seriously. I hear getting scorched by the sun hurts like hell. I have no desire to have that happen any time soon,” Jonah responded. He hadn’t been a vampire before the sun was blocked out and truthfully, it kind of scared him to think of life with the sun shining.

“Me either. Still…it would be nice to see the sun shine again.”

“Yeah. Green grass—hell green anything would be nice. All this brown is boring the hell out of me.” Jonah realized that if any vamps came out of the warehouse, or Chaos, for that matter, the two of them didn’t stand a chance.

“I would love to give Gyspy a bouquet of flowers.”

Jonah pulled the net out of the trunk. “Yeah, Raven would love that too.”

“If things go back to normal after this is all over, what are you going to do? Still gonna work with computers?”

“I’ve been considering contacting the military about my inventions. I think I could be of use to them.”

“That would be perfect for you. You’re really getting good at making devices to help us nab the bad guys.”

“It keeps me busy. What about you? Are you going to go back to detective work?”

“I was thinking of going back to being a cop. Pays better than my investigation agency. You think we’re ever going to get Chaos?”

“I try to stay positive.”

Dante sat on the hood of the car. “I do too. Still….”

“Yeah. Here.”

He handed Dante the electro net, wrapped in a thin plastic and the trigger box.

“What is this for?”

“Protection. You up for taking on a bunch of vamps? Just the two of us?”

“This thing better not zap me again.”

“As long as you don’t switch the trigger on before you release it, you’ll be fine.” Jonah pulled the Flash device he’d made a few days ago, and slipped it into his pocket. It was the size of a small flashlight, but it packed a hell of a punch. One flash of it and it rendered the person blind for several moments. Just enough time to take them out.

“You better pray to God that it doesn’t. Can I still do that now that I’m a vamp? Pray to God?”

“Hell if I know.” He took a seat beside Dante on the hood. “What do you think about Felicity being back, and being a child instead of a baby?”

“It's weird. It was one thing to know Trinity was preggers, but a kid is different than a baby. I didn’t know vamps could have kids.”

“Basil said that only pure vamps can do it. I wonder if the kid has powers like Basil and Trinity?”

“That kinda scares me. Basil and Trinity are adults and can make the right judgement calls. A kid doesn’t always know that. She could go off with her powers if she’s pissed or upset or anything for that matter.”

“We have visitors.” Dante slid off the hood.

Jonah joined him and pulled out his light.

“How come I have to take the scary ass Electronet and you get a lame flashlight?”

“Just watch and learn young grasshopper.”

“Careful, my hand might slip on the trigger.” Dante aimed the Electronet at Jonah.

“Don’t be a spoilsport.”

“I don’t know. It might feel satisfying to zap you for a change.”

Using the back of his hand, Jonah pushed the devise aside, aiming it forward. “You could, but, then you’d have no Electronet , and I’d be incapable of helping when those three vamps come at us ready for a fight.”

“Shit, you have a point.”

“That’s why I’m the smart one. Here, put these on.” Jonah handed Dante a pair of dark glasses that sat on the nose and covered the eyes.

“What the hell is this?”

“It's something to prevent you from going blind when I use my flashlight,” he added sarcastically.

“Don’t be a bitch.” With his finger on the trigger, Dante readied himself for the fight. “There are four of them. No way we can take all four. The net only holds two.”

“I said, watch and learn—”

“You say young grasshopper and I will walk to the car and get the hell out of here, leaving you to fight them off.”

“Pussy. Get the two on the right, I’ll get the other two.”

“Pussy. Who is carrying a lame flashlight.”

As the two marched toward Dante, he pressed the trigger and the net shot out like a bullet, covering the two vamps. They dropped to the ground, flopping about like fish out of water. Jonah never tired of seeing that. He flicked the switch to give it a charge, then pressed the button. Light shot out brighter than a flash of lightning, blinding the two vamps. They stumbled back, then dropped to the ground, wailing like babies that they were blind.

“Damn, dog. That is one kick ass flashlight.” He took the glasses off and set them on the hood.

“Did you just call me dog.” Jonah set his beside Dante’s.

“Sorry. Saw it on TV. I guess it stuck with me. I’ll deal with the whining babies.” Dante handed Jonah the Electronet remote, then grabbed his blade from the car and stabbed them both in the heart. “Want me to take care of them too?”

“I’ve got it.” He took Dante’s knife and killed one vamp. “This one we take back to Basil and he can torture some answers out of him.”

“Good idea, dog.” Dante laughed as he headed to the remaining vamp. “I couldn’t resist. Is this turned off?” He pointed at the net.

“I don’t know. Why don’t you touch it and find out?”

“You’d like that. It's all yours.”

He so enjoyed his banter with Dante. He pressed the button and the wire attached to the net sucked back into the compartment, neatly bringing the net with it and sealing it in the remote. It was a pretty damn good device if he may say so himself.

Dante lifted the vamp and slung him over his shoulder. “Trunk.”

Jonah nodded. “Let’s hope the guy talks.

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