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Savvy Saturday: Let's Play a Game with the Characters of Thin Ice and Elfin Nights

Kylee Howells: Welcome to this week's Savvy Saturday. Today I have Brantwijn Serrah, her characters Nineva and Nerissa of the Springtime elves and Finn, Knight of the Morrigan; and J.S. Marlo, and her characters Thierry Leboeuf Goaltender Extraordinaire, Julie Lavoie Mother & Military Widow, and Special Agent Rubens “Luke” Lucas of the FBI. Today, we decided to cross genre's and authors to bring you a game of wonderful proportions. The name of the game is I Packed My Grandmother's Trunk. For those of you not familiar with this game the rules are as such: Each player starts off with the same sentence: “I packed my grandmother’s trunk and in it I put ___.” The player completes the sentence with a word that begins with the letter A. For instance, “I packed my grandmother’s trunk and in it I put an alligator.”

The next player repeats the previous sentence and must add a B word. “I packed my grandmother’s trunk and in it I put an alligator and a banana.” In turn, each player has to remember what the past players have said and add an item that starts with the next letter of the alphabet.

Can we do this gang?!

Marlo: Sounds good!

Kylee Howells: Hello all! Please elect a representative from the bunch to call for the coin flip to see who will go first.

Thierry will call.

Kylee Howells: Thierry, what do you call?

Nerissa wants it from our side

Kylee Howells:
Nerissa, please also call. First one to say it gets it


Kylee Howells:

I like tails. *giggle*

Kylee Howells: Of course you do Nerissa. *teehee*

Look, after what I've bloody just been through in this book, can we not make light of tails?

Thierry: I guess I take the side with the face.

Kylee: Heads is the winner. Marlo's team goes first. What would you pack in Grandma's trunk?

Julie: I packed my grandmother’s trunk and in it I put an airplane.

Kylee Howells: An airplane?

See, if it’d been in a trunk, it might not have crashed.

Wee bit of fairy magic could take care of that for ya, luv.

Kylee Howells: If it works, it works lol. Ok team Brantwijn, your turn.

I packed my grandmother's trunk and in it I put a -- wait a minute...I’m a changeling fairy princess, I don't think I have a grandmother.

Nineva: Tis a game, sweetness, simply choose something.

Nerissa: All right.... I packed my grandmother's trunk and in it I put an airplane and a…barghest!

Finn: That's a fairy hellhound for those playin' along at home.

Kylee Howells: Thank you for clarifying!

Thierry: I packed my grandmother’s trunk and in it I put a chest protector.

Finn: Oooh, good one...lotsa pretty ladies out there with chests worth protecting.

*slaps his shoulder*

Finn: None moreso than you, my love. *innocent grin*

Kylee Howells:
Everyone could use a chest protector. Finn, you should know this best!

Kylee Howells:
Mr. FBI probably knows this too.

Thierry: I forgot Luke is also wearing one. Good catch!

Finn: According to Ms. Breslin—that'd be our editor—I seem to get stabbed in the bicep more often than the chest. *rubs bicep tenderly*

Kylee Howells: Thierry is a hockey player, he might know a few pieces to protect your arms!

Thierry: Yeah, the chest protector is equipped with arms protector.

Kylee Howells: Perfect Finn! I know those ladies love your arms.

Finn: Might be hittin' ya up after the game then, friend. Okey, I think it's our turn again, is it? 'I packed my grandmother's trunk and in it -- I also dinnae have a grandmother, mind ye, my mother's the Goddess of War and, well.... I wouldn't want to meet HER mother -- but in any case, in the bloody trunk I put an airplane, a barghest, a chest protector, and a—*claps a hand over Nerissa's mouth before she can pipe in with something totally inappropriate*—a dandelion bouquet.

Julie: Flowers? Why? I like mine in a vase.

Finn: Could be useful if we get poisoned. *rubs bicep again* TRUST me...

Kylee Howells:
Pretty and useful—just like you!

*waggles eyebrows and winks*

Kylee Howells:
Ok, Marlo's team, take it away with E!

Julie: Luke, it’s your turn.

Luke: You won’t like it, Julie, but I can’t resist. :) I packed my grandmother’s trunk and in it I put an explosive device.

Finn: My kinda man.

Kylee Howells: Well played Luke.

You’re right. I don’t like things that go boom!

Kylee Howells:
I think we might have to stop our game short for the sake of time, but Brantwijn's team please end it strong with F!

I packed my grandmother's trunk and in it I put Finn.

Finn:…Wait, wha?

Nerissa: She means the little Finn doll we keep under the pillow when you're off on a job.

Nineva: *primly puts the doll in the trunk*

Finn:…Why didn't I know about this? And why are you giving it up now?

Nineva: Because I have no intention of letting you leave the bed again anytime in the future.

*sneaks the doll out of the trunk when the others aren't looking and replaces it with a fish stick*

Kylee Howells: Good plan ladies. Him in bed is usually in my favorite parts of your books.

Finn, Nerissa, and Nineva: Ours too.

Thierry: Fish stick? What’s a fish stick? The only stick I use is a hockey stick.

Nerissa: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Kylee Howells: That would be fish fried in stick form. You could eat fish sticks before a game. That would be quite yummy. You don’t know what hockey is?

Thierry: if it’s something you eat, I’m good with the fish stick.

I know what hockey is, I just don't know what he meant about that... other thing. *Closes the trunk before anyone can look into it* All packed and ready to go!

Luke: Be careful, it may explode.

You armed the device?

Well…I found it in a hospital. Not sure if it’s been disarmed yet.

*positions himself firmly between his ladies and everyone else*

Luke: That’s why I put it in the trunk.

Finn: Ya know, there's a good point, lad, what exactly were we planning to do with this trunk?

Julie: Send it to Thierry’s grandmother. Thierry is my son in case you wonder, and I never got along with my mother-in-law.

Nerissa: But it's MY grandmother's trunk!

Nineva: You don't have a grandmother, remember, sweetness? We've been over this. You're a fairy princess.

Luke: If it explodes, the Bureau will buy you a new one.

Kylee Howells: Alrighty! Let's send this trunk on its way! Goodnight everyone, and don't forget to duck!

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