Saturday, April 8, 2017

Savvy Saturday: What We Want from Your Submissions

Looking to submit your novel to a publishing company? Well we are open and ready to hear from you! Take a peek at what each of our editors is looking for and see if your book fits the bill.

Owner/Publisher/Editor Cassiel Knight

Cassiel (or more fondly, Cassie) is looking for horror stories, science fiction, and space operas. This lady loves a good story, and is an amazing editor, so if you can manage to snag her attention, you will be in good hands.

Executive Assistant/Review Coordinator/Editor Kat Hall

Kat is a busy lady, but she will read just about anything. So long as there are no zombie apocalypse's. Her favorite genre however, is romantic suspense/thriller. She is "always on the lookout for a gem that stands out, over and above the other stories. The ‘one’ that rocks your mind and senses and won’t let go." Kat has training in many editing fields, and her expertise will surely make your book shine.

Social Media Coordinator/Editor Kylee Howells

Kylee loves romance. Particularly paranormal and historical romance, but she will read any where the characters get a happily ever after. The steamier the better for this lady. Absolutely no horror or scary in the least for this editor. The newest on the CBG team, she is ready to help you edit and promote your book so that it does the best it can.

Editor Nikki Andrews

Nikki is an outdoorsy, songwriting New Hampshire resident who is looking for well-written sweet-to-sensual romances with a strong subplot. These can be mystery, thriller, fantasy, historical, or futuristic, but she will absolutely say no to any dystopians. With many edited books under her belt, and a few of her own published, your book will be safe in Nikki's capable hands.

Editor Diane Badzinski

Romance, romance, romance is what Diane is looking for. She is not a horror fan, but will accept anything else with a bit of romance in it. Historical is her favorite, and she loves a good happy ending. With ten years of five-star editing behind her, you can expect only the best from Diane.

Editor Celia Breslin

Celia is interested in romantic fiction (all heat levels), urban fantasy, and science fiction (especially with a splash of romance). In all genres, she prefers character-driven, emotional stories with a strong conflict, quirky, sassy, and smart heroes and heroines, and a solid plot arc. Urban fantasy and paranormal romance are her first loves (Vampires! The Fae! Werewolves! Sorry, no zombies), but she also enjoys contemporaries with humor and action (military romance, romantic suspense), especially if there’s a tortured and tattooed hero or heroine involved. For science fiction, vivid and consistent world-building is absolutely required along with unique but believable characters. Celia has been an editor since the 90's, and is a multi-published author with some pretty great books out there to read. She will be able to tell you how best to edit your book, and how to be a successful author.

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