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Tattle and Wrye column January 2017 edition



“It’s cold,” Tattle complained, cuddled under her new fleece blankie.

“It’s winter.”

“Not in Australia.”

“Wanna go to Australia?”

“Yes!” She grinned. “But for now, I’ll settle on a Love of Literature Leap Review!”

And the two blinked into DOORS by Joanne Renaud, a romantic fantasy.

“Jackie Karma draws you into a first person narrative, which involves her strange, lovable friend, Orne and his quest to open a door to another world. The book’s blurb hooked me, but it was the first, nearly lyrical, mesmerizing sentence of the prologue that fully drew me into the story.” Tattle sighs softly. “Mmmm, the dreamscape incorporated into Jackie’s story is from a science fiction book. Before her is the planet Emarchis. It wasn’t just any book but one her high school teacher had suggested. Her favorite teacher that had commanded a lasting impression, so much so, that she dreamt of him in this setting, and there he tells her to choose well.

Wrye waggles his brows and whistles the X-files tune. “You soon learn, her high school teacher had died years before in a car accident. You also discover, Orne was right, there are doors to other places. She chooses one. However, the do-do really hits the fly swatter when she walks through a door and finds a duplicate world, not exactly like her own, but actually better than her own. Her own world seems dull by comparison, her other life inconsequential. She wants to stay. Her teacher is alive. Her friendship with Orne is much more than just buddy-buds. Only what happened to the Jackie that belonged in this world? Was it right to take her place? Then again, what of the friendships she has here and not back in her real home. How much will she lose, if she goes back? Yet, just as things start to make sense, she snaps back to a tragic past event that refuses to let her go. Even in this new, different world, the old world reaches out to her. Yes, walking through that door, was only the first choice she had to make.”

Tattle nods in agreement. “Choices that demand resolution is at the core of this story. There is, also, certainly a dream-like quality to the narrative’s unfolding. It moves you along with visual prose, takes you beyond the commonplace into a whimsical existence.  You slip into Jackie’s skin, feeling her emotions, taking on her dilemma as she tries to figure out a solution to her life. The 90’s references, the puzzles that have to be solved, the personality clashes, and the adventuresome journey is just a few of the treats that Joanne Renaud has created in this story. I never read the prequel, A QUESTION OF TIME but now I must just to see the birth of these characters and how they began and how much they have changed and grown.”

Wrye takes over, “For me the bait and hook comes directly from the interplay between Jackie and the quirky Orne. The banter keeps you grinning, and the romance touches even an old crotchety guy like me. You watch the relationship develop and cheer them onward, and you also watch as Jackie grows stronger as each, but not every riddle, gets solved. At the same time, she doesn’t need Orne to make her complete. She is very reflective of the strong independent women of our modern age. She is a refreshing heroine. Thumbs up for DOORS! This is a remarkable sci-fi tale dripping with delightful romance.” 

Leaving that unique world, Tattle and Wrye find themselves in LOTUS PETALS, The Books of Blood and Fire, #1 by Brantwijn Serrah, an erotic F/F.

Tattle licks her finger, hits the air with it and makes a sizzling sound. “Yes, oh yes, LOTUS PETALS is hot! However, the erotica is coated with an endearing love story. This novel is not what you expect. Aijyn fears her master, a sadistic vampire Lord. However, she serves him fully and conscientiously. She thought herself a sacrifice, hence every day, as one of his thirteen courtesans, becomes a gift. When asked to watch after his bride, she obeys without question. Though fearing vampires, she is amazingly strong, a true survivor.”

Wrye flips through the books passages, reading with delight. “Rhiannon Donovan, daughter to the vampire Queen, is pledged to this same vile and powerful vampire, Daimyo Gohachiro. The feisty warrior was well aware of the responsibilities of her station, yet being his bride is abhorrent to her.  Neither of the young women have a choice as they are thrown into a complex political structure.  Neither of them expect to fall in love with each other either, placing their lives in danger.”

Running a finger across poetic prose, Tattle continues, “Placed in shogun era Japan, the backdrop of this story is unexpected. The intricacy of the caste system is absorbing. The depth of darkness in this tale is compelling. And the passion is intoxicating and beautiful.  This is a character driven story that holds you spellbound.  The erotic nature is secondary to the compelling plot, which is fabulously mesmerizing. Having such an intense story surrounded by an erotic love story is gripping as well as invigorating. It is a story worth reading.”

Wrye adds, “The Japanesse influence along with the vampirism and lesbian relationship turns what could be a familiar vampire plot to an erotic, intoxicating story. Brantwijn Serrah has elevated erotica unto a fresh, provocative yet literary level. This is not a throw away book, it is something to be read again and again. I am certain it will draw in readers that would never pick a book of this nature. It is truly that remarkable. Hear me loud and clear, READ IT, you will not be sorry.”

Hope you all enjoyed our reviews and we hope you all have a very healthy and happy New Year! Until next month, keep reading.

Dona Penza Rutabaga Tattle, Esq. and Associate Wrye Balderdash
of Blather City, Wannachat

Created and written by:  Angelica Hart and Zi

Books by: Angelica Hart and Zi
Books by: Vixen Bright and Zachary Zane


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