Monday, September 5, 2016

New Release: Reality by Jenna Greene

This month the lovely author Jenna Greene has gifted us with a sequel to her amazing first novel, Imagine. This new novel, Reality, follows the beloved Kat and Becky as their adventures in the realm of Oren continue. Take a look, and grab your copy today!


By Jenna Greene
Fantasy YA
Champagne Books:

Three young Elementals discover they no longer have full control over their magic, a fact that is both unsettling and could put lives in peril. As a group known as the Coalition rises in power, its anti-magic sentiments spread from the small village of Sorc all the way to the kingdom of Areth. Amidst all this turmoil, Kat decides to take on a new quest, one that will affect Becky’s future. Venturing into territory more hazardous than any they’ve seen before, both girls strive toward a goal they know has little hope of success.

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  1. Sounds interesting and right up my alley! Will check it out!!