Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Excerpt from Howling Hearts

Howling Hearts

By Aspen deLainey
Paranormal Romance
Champagne Books:

Twice bitten by love's fickle ways, is the third time the charm? Not quite rescued, but definitely intrigued, Rand starts to believe in love again.


Frost cracked off his ice-rimed mustache as his lips curved in the sweetest smile Rand had ever seen. “So you’re Calgary bound?”

“Yeah.” Rand watched those blue eyes assess her winter-clad figure. “My friend Leticia invited me to stay with her. Told me there’s jobs galore down there.”

“Ah. Friends in the big bad city. Good thing to have.” He cleared his throat several times, shoving his hands into his parka’s oversized patch pockets. “Look. I get into Calgary every now and then. Would it be okay to call? Maybe we could take in a movie or something?”

Rand watched his sweet smile turn hesitant and a frown pull his eyebrows together, almost as if he expected to be turned down. “Sure. That’d be great.”

He thrust the cell phone from his pocket at her. “Can you put your number in here?”

Rand had to remove her mittens in order to input her number. She noticed his eyes strayed to her left hand several times, as if assuring himself that she’d not worn a ring on that finger recently. She handed the phone back, dragging on her mittens and sighing with relief as they blocked the cold air.

“Thanks. I will be in touch,” he promised. “But if I see you here tomorrow, you are going back to Evermore, regardless of any other plans you’ve made. Keep your radio tuned to the local station. We do get frequent storms out here, as you know. Weather updates’ll keep you informed. See ya, Rand. Drive safely.” He waved before taking off into the wild yonder.

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