Saturday, May 14, 2016

Savvy Saturday: A Game with Courtney Shepard

Hello, and welcome to Savvy Saturday. Today, we decided to join the summer spirit and play a game. Thankfully, Courtney Shepard was willing to drag her characters Clay and Asha over to our blog to entertain—I mean compete!—in this little contest.

Clay: Thank you for having us. This is a welcome break from training.

Asha: (shoots a glare Clay’s way) We shouldn’t be taking a break, but go on then.

Clay: Asha you said you were down for this.

Asha: (huge sigh) Yes, fine. Sorry. (pause) Thank you. Please go ahead.

So guys, why don’t you tell your cheering fans a little about your book before we get started.

Asha: Well okay, I was separated from my three sisters at birth. We’re quadruplets and we were each born with power over an element. I am fire.

Clay: Yes, yes you are.

Asha: Easy tiger. I was living in the jungle and this one here found me. He tricked me, (looks at Clay) and he took me back to the Order.

Clay: The Order is my home and I was just doing my job. I have three brothers and we also have power over the elements. I am earth.

Asha: Yeah, and tell her how your ‘family’ tortured me.

Clay: I got you out.

Asha: Yes, you got me out, and we found my sisters, so that’s great, but what else happened? That bomb you dropped on all of us?

Clay: Right, you and your sisters are destined to die in sacrifice to the Order.

Asha: Yeah, so now you see why we should be training. No set of sisters have ever survived once they face the Order, and we know they are coming.

Clay: Just be in the moment Asha. We are getting stronger. We might have a chance.

Asha: Don’t give me that hippy in the moment crap. You and your brothers are far weaker than we are. If we don’t train we’re doomed.

Sorry to break up this familiar argument, but it's time to explain the game. It’s a trivia game with five questions. The person who gets the most questions right wins. If you are ready, we can start with an easy one.

Clay: (claps his hands) It’s on.

Asha: (rolls her eyes, but gives Clay a warm smirk)

Good! First question: what is the other person’s secret hobby?

Asha: That’s easy Clay’s has to be gardening. (She laughs)
Clay: Ha ha. And yours is one of two. Weapons or kicking my butt.

Good guesses both, and each right! Score starts at a tie. Second question: If the other person were stranded on a desert island, what is one thing they would bring with them?

Clay: Her sword.
Asha: A gun.
Clay: So wrong. I would bring you. (smiles and winks)
Asha: Oh barf.

Sorry Asha, Clay gets this one. What is the other person’s biggest fear?

Clay: Losing her sisters.
Asha: Losing his brothers.

Again with a tie, Clay leading by a slim point. What was the other person’s childhood dream?

Clay: (looks blankly at Asha) To bring down all the big wigs in the international sex trade and make them suffer.
Asha: (surprised) Wow, right on. But he had a dossier on me, so that’s cheating a bit right?
Clay: Answer the question.
Asha: Umm Clay’s would have been, I don’t know. A really big garden?
Clay: (snorts and laughs)

Another wrong answer for Asha! Clay would actually like to become the Master of the Order. Now Clay is leading by two, but lets finish this game anyway. Last question: what is Courtney Shepard’s favorite animal?

Asha: She seems pretty boring. I think a dog, or a horse maybe. Probably a horse. You know girls and horses.
Clay: Give her a bit more credit, how about a panther or an electric eel.

Asha was right on about the horse! Too bad it didn't win her the game. And the winner is Clay with a score of 4 to Asha’s 2. Thank you guys for participating in this little game, I hope you had fun.

Asha: Thanks it was fun, but now we must return to training.
Clay: Aha! You may kick my butt on the battlefield, but I won this one.
Asha: Calm down. (smiles) But you’ll have to tell me your childhood dream one day.
Clay: (holds his hand out to her) Let’s go Asha. The others will be waiting.
Asha: (takes Clay’s hand and squeezes it as they walk out the door together) Thanks again. (she says over her shoulder)

Don’t forget to check out Courtney Shepard’s book, Unbalanced, available on Amazon, Kobo, and at the Champagne Bookstore.

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