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Savvy Saturday: "My Favorite Part" with Amy McKinley

Welcome back to Savvy Saturday. Today we are doing something a little different. Amy McKinley is here to share her favorite part of her book Hidden. A bit of backstory: Hidden is about a woman named Jade, who doesn't have very many good things going for her. Running from the gods, stopping a prophecy, controlling her powers, and of course, falling in love. Just a normal day in the life. Read more about Jade's story on the Champagne Book Group  website. You can also find her on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

CBG: So Amy, we are all dying to know, what is your favorite part?

Amy: Favorite part...there are several. Jade is high on my list and there are so many with her but I think I'll give you a little peek into some of the gods that are running rampant. I absolutely love to write about them, their characters are larger than life. Nightmare is a dream god and he happens to be a triplet. One of his brothers, Wraith, has a chapter in the book that I never tire of. Here is a tiny part from it. And if you find yourself liking him and Siena as much as I do, don't worry, he'll have his own time just as Nightmare does.

CBG: OHH! Is that a hint at more books?

Amy: Absolutely! In fact, the second book in the series, Taken, is being published by Champagne Books this spring.

CBG: *Squeals* I'm so excited! So, tell us more about Wraith's part.

Amy: Wraith plays a tiny role in Hidden. But his little moment is lasting as it hints at something much bigger. Sometimes, there is more to the story.

CBG: Let's take a look at this mysterious Wraith.


“No.” Exasperated, Siena tossed her blonde mane of hair over her shoulder. “I meant it when I told you I want to do this on my own.” She huffed out a breath, glaring at him before she took the seat he offered.

“We need to talk about this. I want you to take additional care if I’m going to allow you to do this.”

“Wait, what did you just say?” Her voice dropped to a coarse whisper. “Allow?”

The corner of Wraith’s mouth twitched. He loved when she got all riled up. It wasn’t often. She was finally comfortable enough with him where he was beginning to see her temper emerge. It had taken years for her to get over her fears. But he knew she trusted him completely.

Now he just wanted to egg her on. “You heard me.” He did his best to control his facial features, staring her down.




A dainty palm smacked him not so daintily on the chest. “Are you kidding me? You don’t get to dictate me. You don’t own me. What the hell century do you think this is?”

He couldn’t take it. His mouth stretched wider. She was so cute.

CBG: It seems like you really like writing about these dream gods. What are they all about?

Amy: The dream gods are the Oneiroi. Their playground is the dream world. In there, they can influence dreams, emotions, landscapes...and a few other things as well. But, what they have to be careful with, is abusing their power as they have in the past. They should have learned their lesson the first time.

CBG: If they did you wouldn't have much to write about!

Amy: So true! They are a bunch of troublemakers. But games are nectar to the gods.

CBG: So, what is this next favorite part about?

Amy: Hades. He's such a bad guy and an absolute blast to write about.

CBG: What role does he have to play in your *big smile* series?

Amy: Ha! Hades isn't really a backseat kind of guy. But when his brother demands he step up to the plate, does he? And whose side is he really on? That's something that will have to play out through the series.

CBG: Sounds like a character! What is going on in this scene with Hades?

Amy: It's a poignent moment between him and Persephone as they say their goodbye's for her allotted time above ground.

CBG: So they have a good relationship in this book?

Amy: Yep! I know that in their mythological stories they do not, but I put a little spin on it for the Five Fates Series.

CBG: Well let's not delay any longer and show you lovely readers this beautiful scene.


Hades kissed his wife, Persephone, one last time before reluctantly relinquishing her above ground, where her mother impatiently waited.

“Behave while I’m gone, Hades.” Persephone traced a pink-kissed nail along her husband’s dark jawline.

He was loathe to shave too often as the rough stubble against her skin excited her. “Six months is ridiculously long,” he murmured against her lush lips. “Find a way to meet me at the meadow.”

Mischief danced in her eyes as she stepped onto the boat which would ferry her along the River Styx, leading her out of the Underworld. “It’s a date,” she purred, blowing her husband a sultry kiss.

That woman slays me. He watched until she was out of sight. Once his bride was gone, his attention returned to his beloved Underworld and the current state it was in.

Hades leapt onto his chariot. A resounding crack split the air as he commanded his four black horses to lead him past boiling lava pits and stalagmites to the deepest, fiery pits of the abyss—Tartarus.

Creatures scampered out of his way. Fallen angels and demons went about their business—lest they draw his anger—as he thundered past. Tormented screams echoed off cavernous walls and pools of fiery despair. His pulse roared in his veins. He reveled at what he was about to see…

The Fates’ curse had begun.

Reining his steeds to a halt, he dismounted, his black boots crunching on a mixture of bones and jagged pieces of rock. Amidst the prisons, the things of nightmares tortured imprisoned souls.

A laugh rumbled up from his gut and rolled out. He threw back his head then ran his hands through his black hair, freeing it from its tie. Pers wasn’t here right now, due to his brother, Zeus’s, acquiescence to Demeter.

Hades ignored the slow burn in his chest at the thought of his wife being gone for six long months and focused on the game of persecuting his brother instead, for he knew a thing or two about Aiesa’s offspring that Zeus did not.

An ear-splitting scream rent the air, snapping Hades out of his thoughts. New souls.

He knew who sent them. Although he benefitted from so many entering his domain, his brother would not be happy.

What a perfect time to pay Zeus a visit.

Amy: And then Hades' mischief begins...

CBG: Thank you for joining us Amy, and for showing us your favorite parts of Hidden.

Amy: I've had a great time! Thank you so much for having me.

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