Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy Release Day!

It's release day once again! We have five amazing new books to share with our readers, and can't wait to show them off.

Damned Before Breakfast
By Jessica Gleason
Paranormal Romance

Rave and Mage may seem unlikely friends, one is responsible (most of the time), and the other is more of a free spirit. They both come in their own shade of stubborn and sassy. But, as many Wisconsin girls know, alcohol can make for unlikely friendships, bedfellows and shiny new fangs. What started out as an end of the semester celebration turns into a permanent vacation to the seedy paranormal underbelly in the Mid-West’s least assuming state, Wisconsin.  

Blood Under The Midnight Sun
By Steven Ure

Julie has looked after her twin brothers since their mother died during childbirth. Now, fifteen years later, as World War II breaks out, she finds she can no longer do that as her brothers have volunteered to fight for the British military and head off to Norway to fight the Nazis. When they are declared missing, Julie risks everything and flies over there in the dead of night to find them.

Coup De Grace
Amazing Grace, 6
By Misa Buckley
Science Fiction Romance

Grace McKenna has been rescued from the evil machinations of Professor Edgar Smith, but not only has the scientist escaped – his scheme to force the next evolution of mankind is about to break.
Now Grace and lover Benedict Thomas, along with friends Charity Peterson, Emery Wade, Lucas Kaufman and Heidi Fische, are in a race to find a way to stop the poisoned rain from falling. Rain that will alter just forty percent of the population but will kill the remaining sixty.

There is one possible solution. One that brings Grace and Benedict full circle. Whether it'll finally bring an end to their fight against Smith is another matter.

Dream Job
By Mickey J. Corrigan
Contemporary/Sci Fi Romance

After Adrianna sleeps with her hunky boss, she has to face him every day at the office of DreamCorp International. She has to ignore the fact that his touch drives her to peaks of ecstasy she’s never experienced before. 

Something strange is happening to Adrianna. And it’s making her wonder about her dreams. Are dreams more than a random rehash of day-to-day images, repressed sexual urges, and memory fragments? Could it be that dreams are the entry way to another world? A real world? A hyper real world?

Whether she wants to or not, Adrianna is about to find outall about the dream world. Because an ex is stalking her in her dreams, and he's getting closer, more threatening every night. And she’s in love with the man of her dreams.

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