Saturday, April 11, 2015

Excerpt from The SHIVA Syndrome

Psychological mind-bender The SHIVA Syndrome is our sci-fi release this month, don't miss it!


Walker stood upright, in a loose stance, while the intruder crouched like an attacking animal. When the knife flashed upward towards Walker’s throat, he extended one palm, which pulsed now with even more energy. The knife was immobilized in midair, the blade dissolving as it touched the energy field. Walker gripped the man’s right hand in his left.
Motionless as statues, they gazed at each other for a moment as the skin, muscle, bone, and cartilage of the assassin’s hand dissolved into a fleshy ball. The man shrieked in agony. Walker tapped his palm lightly to the man’s chest, the touch hurling him backwards, smashing furniture into kindling.
The intruder rose again and shook his head like a wounded bull, his mutilated hand hanging unusably by his side. His eyes flashed wildly. He threw a kick towards Walker, who moved aside so rapidly the man’s foot smashed a hole into the paneled concrete wall. Images of Grimes and Slezak formed in Walker’s mind and projected onto the dark figure. What had been detached action gave way to anger, then rage. The glow from his hands increased, changing from crimson to deep ruby.
Desperately, his attacker threw a knuckle punch with his intact left hand. Without even making physical contact, Walker’s glowing left palm held the fist in place, shattering every bone in it. With a furious scream, Walker ripped off the man’s hood. His hands shot towards the intruder’s head, his palms to either side. Bright eyes widened, and an expression of excruciating pain etched into the man’s face.

An intense aura formed and spread around and through Walker’s hands, enveloping both men. The attacker retched. Blisters rose from his skin, blood dripped from his nose, and pink froth bubbled from his mouth. Walker closed his eyes and breathed heavily. The man’s neck muscles went into spasm, and his pupils dilated. He gurgled wordlessly, his eyes distended as he fought vainly to break contact. Bursts of energy flashed from the man’s eyes and mouth. Smoke hissed from his eye sockets. Walker released him and he fell to the floor, convulsing. A few seconds later, he was still.

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