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Tattle & Wrye February 2015



Tattle and Wrye exchange boxes of chocolates, though ‘tis the month of hearts and flowers, neither box is shaped like a heart, just simply huge!

"You shouldn't have," notes Tattle, recognizing her box is slightly bigger, and then frowns as she realizes, upon opening it, that all confectionaries have nuts.  "Is there a subliminal message in this?"

Wrye suppresses a sheepish grin.  "Nuts for a nut, you mean?"  He holds up a staying hand before she can react.  "No messages, m'sweetoholic muncher.  I just know candy with nuts is your fav."

Mollified, she leads the way to this month's Love of Literature Leap.  "I'm taking mine along for a snack."

"Good idea!"  He leaves his on his office desk and whispers to Jamie, one of the office dogs, "Nuts for a nut, good one, eh?"

The gossipy duet appear in the first chapter of Elizabeth Fountain’s YOU, JANE a Burst Books Sci-Fi/Fantasy

“Do you see that?” whispers Tattle, opening her chocolates, and snagging two.

“The comfy sofa?  I wouldn’t mind taking a nap.”  Wrye spreads his invisible self on the couch, but when Tattle isn’t watching he helps himself to a sweet and pops it into his mouth. 


“No, silly-snoozer.  Jane Margaret Blake’s old papers.  The old box she just found in her closet.  A box she hid away many, many, many years ago.  All of them have once upon a time written on them.”

Wrye finds a pillow and stuffs it behind his head, then holds up three fingers.  “That’s a lot of manys.

“And a lot of years.  She always adored writing stories and each one started with those words.”

“Well, it is a great way to start a fairy tale.”  Wrye grabs a blanket and tosses it over himself and chews on another pilfered chocolate.

“She called them fables, and she wrote them as if she were in a trance, sometimes they were long and sometimes short but they all had something in common.”

Wrye snaps his fingers and a steaming cup of hot chocolate appears in his hand.  “And that is?”

Pacing, Tattle’s brow furrows.  “They came true.”

One of Wrye’s bushy brows arches.  “What?”

Tattle pauses, settles tensely on the arm of the couch.  “Not only that, the story’s reality caused her all sorts of problems in her life.”  Tattle indicates the opposite end of the couch where Jane curled up with her box and her stories, sorting through a variety of cards and college news clippings and those stories on brittle, fading papers.  “She is getting lost in her past.”

Wrye settles into the cozy cushions, but suddenly comes alert.  “But what harm can that do?  All of us enjoy a little nostalgia.”  He mutters, taking another helping, “And candy.”

“Only, her nostalgia can come back to haunt her.”

Wrye pops up.  “Ut oh!”

“You said it, one very big ut oh!”

“Sooo, let’s stick around and see what happens.”  With a yawn, he cuddles back into the sofa, reaching for the candy box.

“Oh no you don’t,” gives Wyre a naughty-boy finger waggle.  “Besides, we’re off on another leap!”

“Oooh, he’s cute!”

“He’s an actor, albeit, soon to be a crash and burn actor.  Our hero from the contemporary CBG book A FALLING STAR by Linda Rettstatt had a fling and got the sting.  Y’ouch!”  Holds up a finger as if having just gotten stung by a bee. 

“Are you feeling ok?”  Tattle touches Wrye’s forehead with the back of her hand.

Butterfly bats her hand away.  “I was demonstrating.”


“Never mind!”  Wrye straightens his tie, tugs at his jacket, and then points to the book.  “Your cutie is Spence Parker who heads home to Pittsburgh, PA, U.S.A. hiding out until the poop that hit the fan no longer stinks.”  Grins his proud grin.  “Good one, eh?”

Tattle winces at the bad pun, ignores his puffery, but offers him a handkerchief to clean the chocolate off his lower lip.  “But he left a different sort of stink in his hometown, which is now in financial turmoil.  His abrupt departure for tinsel town had left broken relationships and a particularly achy heart.”

“Now, that’s a cutie!”  Wrye interjects, pointing to Valerie Marks.  “Spence’s high school flame who now runs her grandfather’s newspaper.”

“And is a proud single mom of a nine-year-old daughter, who she has every intention of protecting.”  As if the word protection alerts Tattle to Wrye helping himself to another snack, she waves her hand and sends her half-eaten box of delights back to the office.  “Val also intends to protect her own heart.  Spencer left her once and there is every indication that the bright lights will draw him right back.  She is not being swayed by his involvement in helping in the revival of his hometown or of his self-awareness to become a better person.”

“But then there is that heat and heart-tug between them.  I wonder….”  Wrye’s words fades as he realizes Tattle is no longer about.

In a flash, Wrye returns to the office and finds her nibbling away at the contents of his box of chocolates.

We so enjoyed our little venture into CBG books, hope you have as well. 

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dona Penza Rutabaga Tattle, Esq. and Associate Wrye Balderdash
of Blather City, Wannachat

Created and written by
Angelica Hart and Zi

Books by Angelica Hart and Zi

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