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Tattle and Wrye October 2014



As many may know, a sweet, delightful, and one of our favorite authors, ALLISON KNIGHT, has recently passed away.  This was the month we had set aside to interview a character from her latest book, so rather than our usual fare or haunting leap into eerie books for this spook-tacular month, we will be sharing and celebrating ALLISON KNIGHT and her craft. 

First, you will find below her response to our call out for character interviews, it reflects her wonderful generous nature.  She was always one of the first to reply for any contribution, to help out, to share and to be a friend.    

Email response:

I'm ready to be 'trashed' (winking) anytime you two want to go at me. In fact, you might want to interview, Arvel, the hero of the last song book. Oh, he's a charmer, a healer, and a spy! Lots of spy books around, but this guy has had it. He's quitting, or he's trying to. Why - because he wants to settle down. And you ought to meet the lady who gets under his skin. He calls her Cat. Give you any ideas?

Unfortunately, just as we were putting our part of the interview together, she left us.  Her legacy, however, will stay with us always.  In fact, we plan on re-reading all her books, just to keep her essence in our spirits for a good while longer.  Following are highlights from a previous Love of Literature Leap interview with her, along with the Ode we had created just for her.

Allison was a sensational historical romance author, queen of heart-warming romance with a sensual touch, a Champagne Books Author of the Year Winner, and one of her books, WINDSONG, had been nominated by CAPA - Best Historical of 2011.  She had been writing since the seventh grade, starting with poetry, moving on to essays and term papers, then newspaper articles, even a gossip column in college with grant apps as a teacher.

Her fictional life, however, began about thirty years ago, and until recently she was still whipping out stories and had plans to finish a regency time period piece, outlines for two gothics, along with fourteen historical romances either started, outlined or a synopsis written for them and the same for five contemporary romances.  Her dream goal was to be asked to collaborate on a move script of HEARTSONG, the first of the Song Series.

On a more personal note, she was a dessert-aholic.  Any dessert was her favorite.  She loved chocolate - anything chocolate, pecan pie, bread pudding, cherry cobbler, apple pie especially with a dollop of butterscotch ice cream. 

Allison was the personification of sweet, but in contradiction to chocolate melts in your mouth disposition, she adores developing villains.  The nastier she could make them, the more devious the better. Yet, she tried to give them a few good qualities, making a game of matching good with bad. She especially liked female villains and more than one villain in a book was an extra treat. 

She might not be on this spiritual plane any longer, but we are sure she is enrapturing the angels with her tales. We will miss this very special lady so very much.  Kudos to you, Allison.  Keep spinning those romances.


Come one, come all and read from front to back HEAL MY HURTING HEART
A rancher finds an injured lady… love rises but death might force them apart

In the first of a Series of Songs, BATTLESONG, begins with a trick and a lie
But a Lady wins the hearts of her people, and a Baron loses his heart, oh my

A Welsh princess is captured by a hated Englishman, but she must escape for home…
HEARTSONG’S hero brings her passion, wrath, love, dare she chance to roam

A strong-willed woman is trapped in the Yukon with a Bear of a tormented man
In A TREASURE FOR SARA… survival blends with desire… is love the ultimate plan?

A Lady stumbles on a design for her sister’s elopement, the groom’s brother enraged
Kidnaps the wrong lady, in ROSES FOR MY LADY, falling in love is not what he staged

WINDSONG unfolds with Alwyn seeking revenge, snaring an enemy’s mistress, or is she?
Milisent is the herring, Alwyn then desires, but death might snatch away their hearts’ key

There is a woman who recovers a lost memory and finds that she has been betrayed by
All she loves, her parents, her husband… the question in BETRAYED BRIDE, is simply why

Clay arrives home in the short A MATTER OF PASSION to claim his brother’s love child
But the latter’s mistress’ sister has the infant and flees… Clay follows in this tale so wild

We anticipate another winner with love and conflict raging in LYNBROOK’S LADY
It is due out in August, with fanfare we’re sure, and a villain or two, oh so shady

You might think this is the end, but oh not so, for Allison is working on another Song Book
LOVESONG, we know not the plot or timeline, but we know we are already on the hook

Keep reading!

Created and written by
Angelica Hart and Zi

Books by Angelica Hart and Zi

Books by Vixen Bright and Zachary Zane

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