Saturday, September 27, 2014

Moshe's War Review from MBR

Moshe's War by Debra Easterling

Champagne Books 9781771551113

$2.99 (Kindle),

Michael Thal, Reviewer

Holocaust Survivor Tales

Nurse Ilsa Michalski runs a Miami Beach boarding house filled with interesting people, a few of whom survived the Holocaust.

Dr. Ustin Jankauskas (Dr. J) receives an accident victim from a vehicle that turned over on the highway traversing the Everglades. The police believe Mr. Behrman's death was due to the accident. Dr. J recognized the mark of the Little Horn, Hauptmann Horst Bress, a sadistic Nazi captain who enjoyed torturing Jews with a Valknut spike, on Behrman's body. Ustin contacts his close friend, Nazi hunter Moshe Brodsky, to find Bress and bring him to justice.

Thus begins Debra Easterling's novel, Moshe's War. The book is set in 1967 Miami, Florida. Easterling's research brings to life the suffering of World War II survivors - Jews and non-Jews alike. The author touches on the social upheaval of the 60's as she makes a comparison between the Civil Rights Movement in the US vs the blindness of the German people to the plight of their Jewish neighbors. Her thesis statement could be summed up in this quote from the novel, "Whether it be a civilization led blind by the politics in government, or the naivety of the illiterate, prejudice is always ugly - always dangerous." As you read through this powerful book, you'll see the author's unique understanding of the pain and guilt her characters experienced as she shows it in a moving work of literature that will keep readers turning pages until the surprising ending.

Moshe's War should be required reading for all American citizens as they grapple with the significance of the Holocaust and its affect on the 21st Century. 

Highly recommended.

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