Monday, February 25, 2013

Watcher by Audra Middleton - a Review by Rita Bay

The world of Anthelion is doomed to war among its nations unless the holy man Goran can fulfill the Prophecy. Goran’s problem? He has no idea what The Prophecy means. Undaunted, he leaves his comfortable position at the university to embark upon a twenty-year-long quest through foreign lands searching for those with the special gifts he needs to prevent a war and save the world.

Along the way, Goran takes under his wing a wild child from the forest—Watcher—who has a peculiar habit of merging into trees and traveling through the ground when threatened. He also befriends a healer in a village where he finds the Chosen One, Benaiah. Goram places Benaiah in a fine school where he’ll be well-prepared for his role in establishing peace in the world. Benaiah returns home well-educated but, after years of military service, a fierce warrior. Could Goram have made things any worse? Absolutely! Goram must scramble to make things right before his world falls into anarchy.

Middleton in her debut novel with Burst Books creates the fascinating fantasy world of Anthelion inhabited by normal people and those with special gifts. Readers will fall in love with her characters as they grow over the years. It was a pleasure to follow little Watcher as she grew to adulthood and Benaiah as he struggled with his dark side. Finally, there’s the lovable curmudgeon Goram who couldn’t quite figure out what he was supposed to do but dedicated his life to his quest for peace. Watcher is a great read for those who like world-building, fierce battles, and romance.

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  1. Thanks so much for the kind words, Rita! Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Wow, this sounds exciting - officially on my to-read list ;)