Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 Days Of Christmas Sale

Christmas is our favorite time of year, and to help celebrate, we invite you to sample some of our hot, new talent from the last year. For our first special in our 12 Days Of Christmas, we're showcasing our new authors.

Visit our website for books by the following authors and use coupon code NAS1212 to claim 50% off ebooks at both BURST and Champagne bookstores.

K.D. Pitner     
Cathy Coburn & Duaine Neill
R. J. Hore
K.D. Fisk
Marisa Quin
Scott Chase
C.J. Fenge
EB Ryan
Michelle Anderson Picarella
January Bain
A. P. Torre
Cotton E. Davis
Richard Hacker
Marc Davies
Joyce Proell
Debra Easterling
Sandra Hall
Wanda A. Wallace
JA Garland
Gary Eddings
Wendy Burdess
Harry Hindes
Joanne Renaud
Terri Grimes
Watch for tomorrow for our next special!

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