Friday, June 1, 2012



The evening started out like every other evening. Then, just after sundown, which I’ve since discovered in Nome is around ten o’clock at night in late August; she walked in—a gorgeous black-haired woman with porcelain skin and dark glittering eyes that seemed old and intense at the same time. Wearing a too short, black-pleated skirt showing fabulous toned upper thighs, a tight white tee stretched across a full bosom and high stiletto heels she caused the entire bar to become silent as she provocatively shook her silky, waist-length head of hair back from her perfect oval face in the bar’s open doorway and then made her way deliberately and provocatively in a straight bee-line right up to Mike!
With a throaty, drop-dead sexy voice she spoke, as she placed one long, red-painted fingernail on Mike’s broad chest, “I hear you are hiring Mike Stone and I’m desperately looking for a night job.” The sexy voice was heavily tinged by an accent that I couldn’t place. And when I’m stressed, all extraneous thought connections just go flying out of my mind…
Mike looked alternatively concerned and flummoxed at the same time. I knew he needed more night help, but this woman?
“So, what do you say Mike Stone? Will you give me a go?” The woman pushed him a little more with the annoying red fingernail as she set her very red full lips at him in a knowing smile.
One of the more drunken regulars spoke up, “Hell, yes, Mike. Give the woman a chance!”
He looked decidedly uncomfortable and raked his hand through his hair.
“What’s the matter—she too much woman for you?” The friend of the man who had first given his opinion added a low blow. I didn’t like where this was headed.
“Okay.” Mike was obviously very reluctant to agree. “We’ll give you a trial. Have you had any experience working in a bar before, miss?”
The woman stretched like a black panther and purred, “I’ve had lots of experience. And my name is Katrianna—you can call me Kat for short.”
Crap, I was immediately pissed off.  Couldn’t Mike see this woman was trouble with a capital K?
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  1. Good male POV reaction with typical female observation. You just want this dish to have a big pimple on her cheek. No, not that cheek.

  2. Well, if it helps, she's a vampire and not at all to Mike's liking in the end!