Monday, April 16, 2012


This Monday's Taste of Champagne is Warrior King by Arlene Knowell. Warrior King was released in 2011 by Carnal Passions, the erotic romance imprint of the Champagne Book Group. Warrior King was my first historical erotic romance read. As a member of an author loop that is dominated by erotic romance writers, I knew what to expect - sort of. In erotic romance, the story contains the traditional elements of a romance (as distinguished from erotica) with graphically-described, frequent sexual encounters between or among consenting adults with a happily-ever-after or a happily-ever-after-for-now conclusion. Publishers' submissions guidelines, including Carnal Passions, identify activities that are absolutely forbidden which I will not describe here.

Knowell uses an intriguing tag to introduce the reader to Warrior King - Not believing in time travel doesn't mean it isn't possible. Modern-day archaeologist Elizabeth Wishbon realized too late that handling newly-discovered artifacts hidden in a medieval castle can have unintended consequences - like being thrown into the brutality of the 14th century. But then she met Domrick Brideman, a gorgeous - if stinky - archer in the castle. He spirited her out of the castle to his primitive home where they found in each other love and fulfillment that they had never experienced with anyone else. Warrior King contains multiple sexual encounters described in explicit detail. It's also a powerful love story of a couple from different worlds and times who struggle with life-changing decisions about their future as the flakes in the hourglass fall. Knowell who has four books published with Carnal Passions writes compelling characters with real-life conflicts in a paranormal world.
Until next month when we check out some Scots in kilts, Rita Bay

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Rita Bay
"Into the Lyon's Den" Champagne Books, August, 2012

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