Monday, February 13, 2012


Every day romance crosses the transom from literary to reality. And since Valentine's Day is just around the corner while in an economy that urges more thought and less expense, we’d like to share a list of romantic gifts, some can be wrapped and others…well…unwrapped. (eyebrow wiggle moment)

For those physical gifts, you can create a computer generated gift certificate, using a fancy font, and then place the certificate in a box, wrap the box, taking care to make an elaborate bow. (Taking time with the wrapping is a gift within itself.)

1. Make a CD with his/her favorite love songs.
2. Create a handmade book of poetry; search the Internet for love poems. (Errr, just don’t pass them off as your own.)
3. If you are a poet, write one on special paper and frame it. You could even translate it into a romantic language such as French or Italian, and frame that one. (Have a translation on hand.)
4. A handmade box of chocolate candy. (Craft stores sell molds and molding chocolate.)
5. A special photo of the two of you framed.
6. A scrap book of your life together, or of special memories.
7. Basically, anything hand-crafted will melt a heart, for it means you took the time to put it together, thinking of the person you love while doing so. Ideas: Scented candles, scented soap, knitted hat and scarf, jewelry just to name a few.
8. A memory jar. (Any jar with a lid and a bow around the neck. Write your favorite memories that you share on bits of colored paper and put them in the jar)
9. Tickets to a either a high school or local theater play, a romantic one would be best, i.e. South Pacific, Romeo and Juliet…. (The tickets are often very inexpensive)
10. A collage of pictures that include all your favorite places as well as places you dream of visiting together, of course, include a few smiling photos of the two of you.
11. Turn your bathroom into a romantic spa complete with candles, soft music, bubbles and a willing attendant (YOU) to provide a chilled drink and tasty treats.
12. Declare that your partner will be King/Queen for the day, and do whatever they wish, maybe starting with breakfast in bed.
13. Invent a meal, cook it and name it after your partner.
14. Create a shadow-box using mementoes of all the things you’ve done together. (Example: Ticket stubs, seashells, a pressed flower, a program, cards….)
15. Recreate your first date, or your favorite date.
16. Give your partner a pedicure and foot rub.
17. Offer a back rub and full-body massage.
18. Write an old-fashioned love letter, be lavish, dramatic and flowery. Use fancy paper and script.
19. Create a website that is all about your relationship.
20. Using a pocket calendar, write a personal message or a love quote for each day of the year.


We'd love to hear from anyone interested in what we do. Anyone who writes us at with blog in the subject line and leaves an s-mail address, we will send you a gift and add you to any future mailings.

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  1. Really good suggestions. I keep a picture of my husband with a lemur in his ear close by. We've had some great trips to very romantic places, good memories to talk about over a candlelight dinner.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Julie. Nice about having a pic of your hubby close by. Ang's and Zi's respective homes are loaded with pics of our spouses and our family. Love that is what life is all about.