Thursday, February 18, 2010

Excerpt - Snake Dance by Angelica Hart & Zi

The Story:

On the planet Starling wRen defies her heritage so she can be with VeIper, an outcast bent on freeing his species from ethnic cleansing.  Mong, a slayer, quells their ambition as he plots the subjugation of wRen and the death of VeIper.


Her Shell Breech

...“Her name,” he demanded more sternly than he intended, flashing to the monster all expected. Mong was controlling, though feral, he did not wish for all to know his interest but they did. It could not be evaded. He had the look of a devourer. She was his. He desired it. He silently claimed her, and none would dare to come against that claim once it was officially made known, and he intended to do so.

Charon stepped forward, honored that this noble elite took such an interest. “Her name will be from this point forward, wRen, she honoring my great Aunt.”

“wRen is to be mine,” Mong uttered in a low breath he could only hear. Then for all to hear stated, “wRen is a beautiful name, so apt, for your biddy is more beautiful than beauty could expect. Proud you must ache.” He turned to the fellow Kin, “Murd, you have done well.”


Their combined accomplishments include book publications in print and/or electronic versions of twenty-four titles, fifteen romance specific, ten manuscripts pending, EPPIE finalist for three books, Cecil Whig award, Hob-Nob Reader's Choice Award, written over 500 shorts with numerous published in both nationwide and small press magazines, articles published in various local, city and statewide newspapers, including four as a Guest Columnist in addition to trade articles. Both are members of various writing groups.

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Angelica Hart and Zi
KILLER DOLLS  ~  September 2009
Cover KillerDolls
SNAKE DANCE  ~  February 2010


KILLER DOLLS can be purchased at
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