Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Excerpt - Hitting the High Notes by Nan D. Arnold

Jupiter Beach was deserted as dusk fell. Competing with the rushing sound of the ocean was the blood rushing inside Maggie’s skull. Should she really be here?  With Lorenzo, as magnetic as his personality was.

As nervous as a lizard under the gaze of a stalking feline, Maggie said, “Tell me, Lorenzo, will I be no more than another conquest?”

The opera singer replied, “Not a conquest, a confection.”

Maggie coughed. “That’s all I am, a piece of…candy?”

“No, no. I meant a concession. We will enjoy a mutual granting of pleasure.”

He’d moved closer to answer and the words he’d whispered ignited fires within her. His tongue took little liberties, then larger ones. They kissed. A long, slow, exploration followed. His fingers expertly massaged her until she was wet, warm, and ready.

Problem was Bruce Herring’s visage intruded into Maggie’s fantasy zone.

Why, now? She slowly pulled off her underpants as suggestively as possible before she fumbled with Lorenzo’s belt buckle, finally giving over to his more expert hands.

The big mount was about to progress when another aggravating detour down memory lane interceded: Bruce gently draping a blanket about her, leaving, and engaging the thumb lock on her front door after he did.  Bruce possessed a give and take personality. Lorenzo merely took.

Lorenzo offered her what? Sex. Okay, sex with an internationally known opera star. But.
“Wait,” she said.


Maggie was ready, willing, and waiting for an act of love, but with whom?


Endorsement and review:

Maggie Duncan is fast on her feet for a nearly fifty year old and as snappy with witty comebacks as Ali was in the ring.   This humorous tale keeps you in suspense wondering who gets the girl or if she wants to get caught, and what the opera star, the cop, and the environmental group, The Green Socks Gang, have up their sleeves. Maggie will reveal all, but definitely keeps you laughing until the very end.
                                Carolyn Hughey, Avalon author of Cupid's Web

Told with a similar humoristic style to Janet Evanovich and Sarah Strohmeyer, Hitting the High Notes grabs the reader with a lot of lively dialogue and non-stop action. With a protagonist who needs cold bursts of air to temper her hot flashes, the author has created an amusing, down-to-earth character that many Boomers will find themselves relating      to.The story itself is fun and entertaining... Hitting the High Notes is a good read. Reviewer: Lisa Haselton, Allbooks Reviews


  1. What great reviews, and a fabulous excerpt. Adore that sexy bookcover as well. You go girl!

  2. Fantastic excerpt. This is a definite read on my TBR list (near the top :)