Thursday, September 24, 2009

Excerpt - Killer Dolls by Angelica Hart and Zi

Call from Her to Him

Taut keyed his phone after it signaled and spoke, “Taut!" His device was hands-free allowing him to drive as he followed Rud through the Stanton streets.
Letti, on the line, responded, “Letti misses you,” she
said, returning his call, loving his campy message, delighted he had called as he said he would, and refusing to even question what stopped the fireworks the night before.
“Does she?" He maneuvered his vehicle remaining clandestine.
“Does Taut want to come out and play?”
“Sounds like Letti needs a distraction." Taut smiled.
“You are my distraction.”
“Sweet, but… I was thinking about that one you keep in your bed stand.”
“Gaa… what am I going to do with you? You are so naughty. You should be ashamed.”
“Ashamed…for acknowledging that you are a healthy woman?”
The mantle of embarrassment was surprisingly nonexistent and she quipped, “How did you know I was in my bed?”

Angelica Hart and Zi
Killer Dolls ~ September 2009

Snake Dance ~ February 2010

Champagne Books

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