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July Releases

Betraying Chase

By Donica Covey

Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 978-1-897445-44-0

172 pages


Promo Logline: She was hired to kill him, but fell for him instead--ain't love a bitch?

Back Cover Blurb: Chase Willet, DEA agent, is destroying the business of high dealing drug lord, Ramiro Gonzalo Sancho Rivera. It’s not enough that they’ve already put a large chunk in the import train. They have to take Rivera out.

Brandy Montgomery is the red head that swept Chase off his feet. She’s sexy, smart and has a secret. She’s is a hired gun for Rivera and is spending time softening Chase up so that he won’t be prepared for the kill.

The problem with Brandy’s plan is that the more time she spends with Chase, the more she falls for him. How can she do her job if she’s in love with the man? And when Chase finds out what she’s really up to he feels completely betrayed until Brandy offers to help him take down Rivera. But she’s fooled him once before. Can Chase trust her this time?


He grabbed her into an embrace. “Are you cold?” He pulled the covers up close and squeezed her tight. “I won’t let anything happen to you. I’ll die first.”

He grew quiet and the time seemed to drag. She knew he wasn’t going to be able to go back to sleep. She also knew sleep would avoid her like the Black Death.

He pulled away. “I’m going to take a shower.” The mattress shifted and the comforting feel of his body left a chill in its place.

He disappeared into the bathroom and once more she trembled. The only way to keep both men off her was to do the job. She’d collect the bounty, leave enough evidence to destroy Rivera for good and disappear.

Her gaze flickered to the desk where the gun was locked away. Inhaling a deep breath, she left the bed and opened the drawer. Once more, she pulled out the box holding the gun, unlocked it and hefted its cold weight in her hand. Leaving the desk, she moved to the bathroom door. The sound of the water running muffled through the wood she placed her hand on the knob.

You just have to open the door, shoot him and get out... The door slid open with a quiet creak. Steam filled the room and through the haze, she could see his silhouette on the curtain. Raising the gun, she aimed it at him and her finger applied slight pressure against the trigger.

Selling Forever

By Kimber Chin

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 978-1-897445-56-3

82 pages


Promo Logline: Can Cara close the deal on love?

Back Cover Blurb:

The Best Sales Plans…

Real estate agent Cara Jones needs a celebrity handyman for her charity auction. Reclusive billionaire Richard Thompson is the perfect choice. All she has to do is find his trigger and trip it, without becoming emotionally attached.

…Sometimes Go Awry

Richard wishes to be valued for himself, not simply for his money. He certainly isn’t going to fall in love with a pushy, pie baking saleswoman, no matter how sweet she tastes.


“Want another beer?” Cara partially opened the fridge door, concealing her collection of week old takeout.

“No thanks, two’s my limit.” He held up his empty bottle. “I’m driving.”

“Interesting.” Cara grinned at the outright lie. “The taxi driver letting you drive tonight?”

“One of the perks.” His face reddened. “How come you know so much about me?”

Cara wasn’t about to answer that loaded question. “How come there was a message from my very excited father on my machine?”

His head bent a little more over that cupcake he was mauling. “How should I know?”

“Something about a delivery of baby back ribs ring any bells?” He was thoughtful to send her dad, a complete stranger to him, the gift. He certainly didn’t deserve the stingy label smacked on him by the press. But then, she already knew that. One of the things that first…

“Sorry, Quasimodo.” He wouldn’t meet her eyes.

“Came from the account of one Richard Thompson,” Cara prodded. “Meat lover extraordinaire.”

“Damn identity thieves.”

Cara had to laugh. The goof. She concentrated on her cupcake, suppressing the wild impulse to hug him. Him. A complete stranger.

And do other things, much less innocent. The few photos Cara found on the internet, horrid candid shots, hadn’t prepared her for Richard’s subtle good looks, his long, lean body. He wasn’t movie star handsome, but somehow she found him more appealing, more virile, and more male.

Combine that with his personality. Oh, sugar. The media had it all wrong there, too. Richard Thompson wasn’t sullen and silent, but witty and engaging.


Maybe not so witty. She glanced up to find him folded behind the island, that butt of his sticking in the air.

When The Ocotillo Bloom

By Linda LaRoque

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 978-1-926681-14-6

245 pages


Promo Logline: Lynn Devry and Seth Williams challenge old fears and issues to find self-renewal in life and love.

Back Cover Blurb:

Teacher Lynn Devry, eager for a kid free summer, finds herself working at a camp for problem children in West Texas. Psychologist Seth Williams is still in love with his ex-wife yet finds himself inexplicitly drawn to the prickly woman. As they help youngsters improve behaviors, wills and attraction collide.


The rowdy hum of children’s voices replaced the clatter of trays and cookware. Evidently, Seth believed meal times were for socializing as conversations and laughter flew around the room. Her eyes sought their fearless leader. He sat amid a group of teenage boys, laughing at the antics of one. Her respect for him grew a notch. She admired a man who enjoyed the company of kids.

Seth watched his new bread cook. Her face flushed from the heat of the ovens and the hard work of rolling out biscuits. If she were tired now, she’d be dead when she finished kneading bread dough.

He leaned back in his chair, folded his arms across his chest, and looked around the room. It was going to be a good day. The wranglers were well fed and happy. Lynn’s face lit with pleasure at their compliments. She deserved every one. Her biscuits were some of the best he’d eaten. He considered going back for two more, but didn’t want to experience another glare like the one she’d shot him as he went through the line. Probably because of the big grin he had on his face. Flour smeared her cheek, and a glob of dough clung to a strand of her bangs that had escaped the bandana she wore to hold her hair back. Damned if she didn’t look cute.

Lynn finished her breakfast. When she glanced up to see him watching her, she stiffened. Ignoring him, she stood and walked back into the kitchen.

Love Comes Blindly

By Marie Higgins

Historical Romance

ISBN: 978-1-926681-20-7

100 pages


Promo Logline: If love isn’t blind to past indiscretions, can absence truly make the heart grow fonder?

Back Cover Blurb:

Lord Gregory Fielding has been wounded when he travels to Scotland to find the next big story for his London newspaper. Now blinded, he relies on the soft, comforting touch of one of the nurses at St. Mary’s Abbey. He thinks she’s a novice, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting to make her sigh in passion.

Madeline O’Neil cannot believe her misfortune. The man she had almost married three years ago is back in her life. Gregg doesn’t know who she is and she doesn’t dare tell him. Not until she makes him like the new Madeline. But as each day passes and her heart grows fonder, she fears he’ll hate her for certain once his eyesight returns. Especially when he discovers the secret she’s been keeping from him for three years…


As he talked, his voice softened, and familiarity struck an odd chord in her memory. Where had she heard his voice before? Had she met him once? Or did he remind her of someone she’d known?

While growing up, she lived in London and Essex. Since she left that area almost three years ago, all ties to her past severed. She couldn’t bring shame to her family. These good Sisters needed her here. Now Madeline’s life had meaning. But what were the odds she’d known this man before?

When he ended his dictation, his voice tightened. Her eyes misted again. Obviously, he loved his family and his life at the newspaper. She prayed he would see again. Only God knew the outcome.

“Sir? I will send this letter as soon as possible, but I need your name first.”

“Oh, forgive me. I suppose my brain isn’t functioning too well.” Slowly, he lifted his hand again to his bandaged head. “My head is throbbing and it’s hard to concentrate.”

“I understand.”

Once his hand dropped to the cot, he breathed deeply. “My name is Lord Gregory Fielding.”

The name from the past hit her like a physical blow to her chest. She gasped and quickly covered her mouth with her hand. Gregg?

She jumped to her feet as her heart hammered. Dizziness threatened her vision, and she feared she would swoon. No, she mustn’t. She had to remain strong. After three years and being this close to starting a new life, how could fate throw into her path the one man she’d wronged so badly?

No matter what, she couldn’t let Gregg know who helped him. He hated her. Thankfully, he couldn’t see. Her identity must stay a secret.

As must her other secret that he must never discover.

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