Saturday, April 7, 2018

Savvy Saturday: Break Out the Summer Books!

Hi everyone! We have some books coming out this summer, and we wanted to let you know so you prep your e-readers for the pool, the beach, or your own backyard. Take a look, and keep an eye on our website for preorders!

Book 1 in the Imagine Series
Heritage by Jenna Greene
Book Three in the Imagine series

Becky, back home on Earth, struggles to adapt to her new situation. A blank memory only makes this adjustment more difficult. Where was she? What happened to her? Meanwhile, Kat and the other Elementals must face the Coalition, an anti-magic that has grown in power and has sunk its teeth into the roots of Areth, imprisoning Eston - the heir to the throne.

Book 1 in the Unbalanced Series
The Deep by Amy McKinley
Book Two in the Unbalanced Series

Fate will not be denied. Nerissa thinks she’s safe from the gods and elders that rule her village. She’s wrong. It’s only a matter of time before she is chosen to pay the ultimate price—her life. 

For decades, the gods have protected the small seaside village where she lives. But that’s about to end. Fishermen return with empty nets, trees cease to bear fruit, and the winds whisper of an ancient curse. There’s still hope that the offering of an unmarried woman will return the god’s favor. 

As the maiden sacrifice nears Nerissa takes matters into her hands. All she needs is a husband to escape the terms of the offering. When she meets Zeer, a visiting fisherman, he sweeps her off her feet. 

But are her prayers truly answered? 

Everyone around her is keeping their own secrets, their own agendas, and there is no one left to rely on but herself. As the night ushers in a violent storm that echoes the god’s anger, she realizes the worst is yet to come. When the first rays of dawn arrive, a knock sounds at her door and she knows her entire world is about to turn upside down.

Other books to watch for:
The Reluctant Empress - Fantasy
Surviving the Darkness - Paranormal Romance
Camouflage - Scifi Thriller
No Heros Here - Fiction
Crossroads - New Adult Fantasy Romance

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