Monday, April 16, 2018

New Release!

Love on Lido Key
The Keys to His Heart, Book 2
By Meg West
Contemporary Romance
$ 2.99

Janie Alexander never expected to find herself widowed at age twenty-seven, nor did she ever dream she might find her second husband by fulfilling her promise to her first husband to watch the sunset every night on Lido Key.

Nick Costas is the opposite of Janie’s first love. He’s dark-haired, muscled, unreserved, openhearted, and a quintessentially working-class Greek. At their initial meeting, Janie is drawn to his good looks, but also his kindness. Nick recently lost his mother and sympathizes with Janie’s descriptions of watching her husband succumb to cancer. He alone of all her friends seems to understand grief.

Janie and Nick’s budding romance; however, isn’t looked upon kindly by Janie’s uptight former in-laws nor by Nick’s old-world family—in particular, his superstitious father and trio of sisters Nick dubbed “The Furies.” Janie has three strikes against her: she’s been married before, she isn’t Greek, and she isn’t Nick’s former girlfriend, Daphne.

As the anniversary of her first husband’s death approaches, can Janie find the strength to beat off these naysayers and to hold the heart of Nick?

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