Saturday, November 11, 2017

Savvy Saturday: Sneak Peek at Upcoming Books Part 2!

So, last week's post was so popular with our new authors, we decided to keep it going for another week! Check out these awesome to-be-released books we have in our pockets. Remember, you can always check out what's new at the Champagne Bookstore.

February, 2018
Title: Storm Child
By KM Tolan

"Becoming a steam child was supposed to be fun

Red was meant to live a carefree life among the great steam locomotives as one of Hobohemia’s mischievous steam children. She leaves her human body behind, but not her childhood demons. A Gypsy blessing becomes an unintended curse, releasing an unbridled power inside her. Red becomes an unwilling sword in the hands of others eager to wield her anger. Before she can stop them, she must first defeat herself.

Title: Rush
By E Jourdan Lewis
Adult Urban Fantasy,

For centuries humans have been enslaved, oppressed, and demoralized by Shifters. The government has passed the Human Civil Rights Act giving humans the same equal rights as Shifters. Humans can now eat in the same restaurants, shop in the same stores, and attend the same school as Shifters. They cannot however, fall in love with one.

Jane, a twenty one year old human girl, spends every day battling against the oppressive rules of her mother’s house. Always teetering between what her parent’s expect and what she expects of herself. When her latest act of rebellion results in her mother cutting off her funds for college, Jane must figure out a way to get a job and pay for college in a city where Shifters are still far too superior to consider humans worth their while.

Rush, a Shifter living in an oppressive tiger streak just wants to lie low and protect his sisters from their abusive Alpha while earning his approval. When Rush is stuck with Jane as his study partner for the semester he keeps his distance to avoid the wrath of his Alpha. After spending time with her, Rush realizes that Jane isn’t what he expected. She’s strong, and intelligent, with an iron will. Things he was told the dimwitted humans weren’t supposed to be. Soon he learns they have a lot more in common than their shared oppression, and Rush finds himself wishing for more with Jane. The kind of “more” everyone warns them against. Jane may be the love of his life but if their secret is discovered by his Alpha there’ll be more than hearts at stake. There will be blood.

March, 2018
Title: A Knight in Distress
By Barbara Russell

Knights rescue damsels. That’s the natural order. So when Nathair, a knight in training, finds himself rescued by the princess he’s supposed to save, he’s annoyed. And when the princess proves she can fight like a knight? Well, that’s enough for a boy to think about a career change.

July, 2018
Title: Camouflage
By Ivy Keating and Scott Spotson
Science Fiction

Secrets, hidden for millions of years, are about to be unleashed in a small idyllic New England town. When Vanessa Strauss, the alluring owner of a faltering gift shop, reports a popular high school coach missing, the new headstrong police chief Sean Dermott is determined to solve the case. But when the investigation exposes a deadly force of nature, no one is safe. In the chaos that follows, everyone must find a way for nature, justice and love to survive.

Fall 2018
Title: Falling from Haven
By Carly Marino

Darkness lies in the most heavenly of places.

“When the Teraphim slays a Nephilim, the angelic empire will fall.”

These words haunt eighteen-year-old Coy—child of an Angel and a Fallen. She fights her demon side to prove the prophets wrong. When she’s attacked by a Nephilim, she inadvertently unleashes her Fallen nature, triggering the prophecy.

Imprisoned in Haven with her family, Coy must face her inner demon. Tested beyond endurance by the Nephilim’s vicious Prime, she realizes he desires more than preventing the Angels' downfall, and if they don’t escape, soon, they die. Hunted by the Prime’s Legionnaires, Coy must storm Haven’s defenses to rescue her family. Embracing her demonic half may be their only chance. But if Coy surrenders to evil, again, she may never return from her darkness. At the edge of despair, she finds Killian and his tantalizing promise of freedom. His angelic looks and devilish allure boost Coy’s strength and flutter her heart.

But trusting him is another matter.

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