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Review of Forgotten Children

Kelli Keith

November 26, 2017

Book Title:
Forgotten Children

Book Author:
Michael W. Davis

Date of Publication:
July 1, 2008

Number of Pages:

Main Characters:
Mark Daniels is a former college linebacker turned investigative journalist, married to his college sweetheart, Sara Daniels. Sara is a teacher and is intent on becoming pregnant.

Don (Don Juan/D.J.) Sanchez is Mark’s best friend and colleague. Known as the local Lothario, he uses his wiles to obtain information from Lawton’s single, female population.

Other Important Characters:
Jamie Andrews- a research assistant at BSSI and the character that sets everything into motion.

Dr. Matthew Thomas- researcher and former professor who discovers his findings are being used unethically by BSSI.

Edward Kerns- CEO of BSSI.

Lawton, Virginia; Early 2000s.

Biotech Skin Solutions Incorporated has a secret—one they are willing to kill to keep quiet. Dr. Thomas, a former professor at the University of Lawton, learns his research is being used for nefarious deeds at the seemingly benign BSSI. He contacts a former student-turned-reporter for help but before the meeting he is viciously murdered. Mark Daniels, his wife Sara, and Don Sanchez are plunged into a wicked web of cover-ups, lethal experiments, and the worst kinds of evil. They must expose the truth or die trying.

Key Points/Conflict:
In the beginning of the novel, we are introduced to Jamie Andrews, a reluctant employee at BSSI. He dreams of escaping the nightmare of his research assistantship. When he makes that dream a reality, he sets a pendulum in motion that begins to swing out of control. Andrews escapes with evidence of wrong-doing by BSSI and sends it to Dr. Matthew Thomas, a former university professor, and current researcher of anti-aging solutions. Dr. Thomas is stunned to learn that his research is being used unethically and seeks out the assistance of a former student, Mark Daniels.

Mark and his best friend, Don (DJ) Sanchez, are investigative reporters at the local paper (Winston Sentinel) and arrange to meet Dr. Thomas the following morning. Upon their arrival, they discover Dr. Thomas had been murdered. Before his demise, the doctor left clues for the pair to decipher. Although, the cryptic clues left more questions than answers.

Mark, his wife Sara, and DJ become embroiled in solving the case. As they dig deeper and deeper, they find that not only is BSSI unethically conducting research, they are doing so at the peril of the local children. As one mystery leads to another, the trio are faced with untold dangers and even more unscrupulous men. Not everyone will survive but it is a risk they must take to save the forgotten children of Lawton.

Mr. Davis masterfully crafted a riveting thriller! The information within the story was well researched and scientifically accurate at the time of authoring. It should be noted that some of the jargon/procedures have advanced and would be worth further exploration, if the reader was interested. Davis does an excellent job at explaining complicated terms and explaining them within the story. It never feels as though the reader is receiving a Science lesson or a dictionary definition.

The first few chapters are used to provide the necessary background information for the meat of the story. If the reader finds this tedious—stick with it—it’s important and all will reveal itself in time. Each scene is set with just enough description to allow the reader to recreate it in their mind but not so much that it is overwhelming.

The characters are well defined and believable, even if some of their dialog/terms of endearment feel dated. There were no errors in continuity and the story flowed at an even pace.

From beginning to end, I was on the edge of my seat, wondering how everything was going to turn out. Davis ends the story with enough closure to make this novel stand on its own but, open enough to continue into a series. If that is what he decides, I would be delighted to keep reading.

Forgotten Children is available on Amazon, Kobo, at Barnes & Noble, and at the Champagne Bookstore.

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