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Tattle and Wrye February 2018 edition

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Tattle struts with puce feathers bouncing into the office with a twirl of her long red skirt and a brilliant smile, dressed for the month of hearts, flowers, jewels, chocolate (especially chocolate) and romance. “It is a perfect day, m’friend, for a Love of Literature Leap Review."

Wrye watches Penza procure binoculars from a desk drawer. “Why the nouveau accessory, we never view from afar, one and only Queen of Tittle-tattle.” Leaning back in his chair, legs propped up on the replica of an eighteenth century desk, arms folded behind his head, and eyes semi-closed, Wrye utters, “Hmmm? Bird watching, are we?”

Reacting appalled, "I am not a twitcher or birder or ornithologist."

“I am duly ready,” he says, pops up, and then slides an elegant saber into a sheath at his hip. "My quidnunc you are more the busybody ornivoyeur."

Ignoring, she quips, “Ah, but this time, there is possibly a war afoot, and I would much prefer the top of a grassy knoll to being too close, dwarfs and men with clashing swords isn’t my cuppa hotty toddy.” She pauses as she catches the effect of her bopping curls in the mirror and pats them with approval.

Wrye holds out his hand palm down in a sweeping gesture, offering first jump to Tattle, “After you, Mon Ami Wary.” Bows, "Jump for joy... of reading!"

DESPERATE KNIGHT (Knights of Kilbourne Book 2)
by Keith W. Willis

DESPERATE KNIGHT has everything a reader could want in a fantasy from sword wielding action and blustering adventure to a dash of romance, spies, courtiers, clergyman, scoundrels and wizards with an unquestionable overlay of humor and, of course, a dragon. Who can resist a dragon, especially a hiccupping one? Not me! As the indomitable Morgan McRobbie and spirited Lady Marissa duBerry escort Prince Robert to the dwarfs’ kingdom, peril, treachery and deceit stalk them.” Wrye draws his sword and pokes the air as if to emphasize his statement.

“An endless feud demands a treaty, but as the king strives for peace, others plot for war between men and dwarves.” Tattle swings her hooped skirt, liking the feel of swishing, and then frowns, thinking she chose the wrong period costume. “Being a true friend to the king, Morgan agrees to escort Prince Robert to the dwarf kingdom. The indomitable Lady Marissa insists on going which enhances the endless banter between the hero and heroine.”

“Their hearts play tugs of war as dastardly schemes unfold, leaving the pair uncertain as to whom to trust. Meanwhile, a kidnapped dwarf detours Morgan’s attention while an amorous rival diverts Marissa’s interests. That along with a wizard’s forecasts erodes at any possibility of Morgan and Marissa finding their forever after.”

“Just like a box of chocolates.” Tattle grins at her reference to a favorite movie. “You never know what each chapter holds and where it will take you. Yes, a page flipper and an all nighter is in store for every reader. The characters are so dimensional you can’t separate fictional from real, especially Morgan, who has flaws enough to make him relatable.  Marissa is a Renaissance woman with a modern, independent flair that keeps you cheering her on to happiness. The villains are slimy and dark enough to make you adore hating them, while the dragon is, well, a personality all to himself.”

“I like the use of language and wordage in Keith’s books. The story is an easy read yet layered with action verbiage and relatable dialogue. As for the plotline, just when you think you know it’s path, it takes you on a different, unexpected road. At every turn there is a twist, and at every twist there is a detour. Though it’s not factual history, it reads like a masterful historical piece and makes you wonder… maybe it did happen after all.” Wrye clicks his heels and offers the author a salute.

“Though the characters are constantly in devastating, sometimes heinous situations, humor accents the dank, morose mood. And there is just enough romance to satisfy the happily-ever-after minded of us. I recommend this book without reservation. ”

Wrye nods in agreement. “Also, this story seamlessly takes up where, book one of the Knights of Kilbourne series TRAITOR KNIGHT leaves off, so I advise you read it in sequence but it’s not necessary. My suggestion, read both!”

Until next time, keep reading!

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