Saturday, June 17, 2017

Savvy Saturday: Teen Quiz with Morwenna from Children of Neptune

Welcome back to Savvy Saturday! Today we have a very special guest here with her author. If you didn’t know yet, author Makenna Snow has her first book, Children of Neptune, coming to your e-reader or bookshelf this July! Makenna has brought one of her characters to chat with us today, Morwenna. Let’s give them both a warm welcome! Ladies, can you tell us a little about yourselves?

Morwenna: Hi Everyone! Makenna is actually the pen name for two sisters (Jill and Jodi) who write YA fiction together. Makenna honors the memory of their grandmothers — bold women with big dreams. Jill and Jodi find inspiration in both contemporary interests, like science and nature conservation, and historical currents, like classical mythology and ancient cultures.

Makenna: Morwenna is a Beta year student at Quadrivium. She was top in her class last year. She will make sure she rises to the top this year too. Morwenna trains and plays hard. Her friends know she’s intense and love her for it. She can be brutally honest, but it’s only because she expects the best.

That's so wonderful! We can't wait for your book to be released. Because this book is set in high school, we decided to take a page of the teen scene and make this interview a teen quiz. Borrowing’s “On a Scale of One to Ariana Grande, How Much of a ‘Dangerous Woman’ Are You?” we are going to have Morwenna answer the questions to find out her “Dangerous Woman” level. Sound like fun Morwenna?

Morwenna: Sounds like something I can easily handle 😉. Let’s do it.

Let’s get started! First question: What do you fear most?
1. Scary movies
2. Spiders
3. Heights
4. Not just spiders—ANY kind of bug

Morwenna: Heights

What crime show would you NOT watch?
1. CSI
2. Law & Order: SVU
3. Bones
4. Criminal Minds

Morwenna: Law & Order: SVU

What monster would you scream at if you saw it IRL?
1. Frankenstein
2. A ghost
3. A vampire
4. A werewolf

Morwenna: A werewolf

What’s one clothing item you’d wear no matter how crazy it may look?
1. Leggings
2. Comfy Shoes
3. A tie-dye dress
4. A neon tank top

Morwenna: A neon tank top

Which theme park is your go-to place?
1. A water park
2. Six Flags
3. The state fair
4. Disney(land or world)

Morwenna: Six Flags

How likely are you to ride a roller coaster?
1. You won’t go on exceptionally high roller coasters, but everything else I fair game
2. You’ll go on any type of ride
3. Maybe 50 percent likely
4. There’s a zero percent chance

Morwenna: I'll try any type of ride

Pick your favorite shot from the “Dangerous Woman” video.

Morwenna: Number 4

Which diva would you do a duet with?
Morwenna: Mariah

Which movie genre do you watch most?
1. Drama
2. Indie
3. Romantic comedies
4. Horror

Morwenna: Horror, definitely.

How adventurous are you really?
1. You are always up for something new
2. You’ll do anything outdoors
3. You hate adventures
4. You go on adventures, but only with friends

Morwenna: I like a new adventure.

That's the last question! Let's see what the quiz says. Your result:

You are definitely an Ariana on the "dangerous woman" scale. You laugh in the face of danger and are a total daredevil. Not only are you fearless when it comes to taking risks, but in relationships, you jump in with both feet from the beginning. You are SO confident in all that you do, so men and women should watch out when you enter the room.

How do you feel about that?

Morwenna: That sounds exactly right!

Lookout for Morwenna in Children of Neptune, to be released July, 2017. Preorder on the CBG website.

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