Saturday, May 20, 2017

Savvy Saturday: Author's Picks

Last week, we saw some of the editor's choices for summer. This week, we asked our authors what books they would pick for a day at the beach, and this is what they had to say.

"I would choose to read Jan Romes' Kiss Me--because I am a sucker for pink covers and anything to do with bachelorette parties!"
- Meg West

Kiss Me

Running late for her spoiled stepsister’s bachelorette party, Lacy Goodlow is forced to speed—snagging a hefty traffic ticket and the interest of Officer Jared Kelly. Their paths collide again in the middle of the bachelorette party when Lacy plays an embarrassing game of Fact or Fun and she hands him a napkin that simply says Kiss Me. A full-blown attraction takes off, but so does conflict once it’s revealed that Jared and Lacy’s stepsister, Angela, had a tumultuous fling and she still claims territorial rights.

Available for $3.99 on Amazon, Kobo, and at the Champagne Bookstore.

My pick for a perfect beach read would be Makenna Snow's forthcoming Young Adult Children of Neptune. Because what better to read beside the ocean than a story about the daughter of the God of the Sea? Mystery, romance, adventure, and hydroshifting? Awesome! Plus the ability to go Dr. Doolittle? Sweet! Take my money! I can't wait for this to come out, and in fact have already pre-ordered my copy. Now if I can only make it to the beach...

Children of Neptune

Sixteen-year-old Jet can talk to animals with her mind, but she gets tongue-tied with someone her own age. She can use her ancient powers to hydroshift, but she's still figuring out how to be smooth out of the water.

Sheltered behind the palace walls, Jet trains to become queen of a secret island. All that changes when she's forced to accept a mission she isn't prepared for—fitting in at high school. Her powers, never before tested, are pushed to their limits.

She learns that handling high school life is just as complicated and dangerous as the mystery that brought her there. Her journey leads her to friendship, romance, and her first taste of freedom. But betrayal threatens to take all that away.

Jet faces an enemy that could cost her everything she loves. She must succeed…or die trying.

Available for $3.99 on AmazonKobo, and at the Champagne Bookstore.

I love mythology and when I read that Ada can manipulate electricity, I was intrigued. After all, which side will she gravitate to with power literally at her fingertips?

Daughter of Zeus

The future can be a terrifying prospect, especially when Ada Freyr discovers she can manipulate electricity. Ada is grief-stricken when her abilities result in the death of her husband. and terrified of being discovered by the Prominent-run State. Unusual citizens are labeled Undesirable, and are never seen again.

Ada drives to Atlanta, intent on finding her father. She blames everything that’s happened on him, and vows to kill him for ruining her life. However, once Ada meets her father, she realizes he’s no longer the alcoholic she remembers: he’s now a Congressman with a family and a new name, ready for a Senator’s seat.

Ada’s scheme lands her on the Undesirable list, leads a stranger to stalk her, and stunts her relationship with her siblings. Soon, she has to decide which is more important: a vendetta, or forgiveness.

Available for $3.99 on AmazonKobo, and at the Champagne Bookstore.

[I picked Cold Sweat for] Two reasons. I love a great romantic suspense and I love a strong heroine.

Cold Sweat

Seventeen-year-old Hope Craig is deaf and training hard to make the biathlon Olympic Team. But when she is kidnapped from the groomed trails and taken to a remote cabin in the mountains, she must battle more than the elements to survive.

On the hunt for her daughter's abductor, Colonel Amelia Matheson enlists the help of Richmond Morgan, a local Sheriff who once hurt her. To find Hope, Sheriff Morgan and Colonel Matheson must untangle a web of secrets, including their own.

Using her wits and skills, Hope sets out to escape the mountains and save the man her mother had sent to rescue her – a man who is not who he appears to be.

Available for $0.99 on AmazonKobo, and at the Champagne Bookstore.

Safari Stew by Veronica H. Hart. I hate the word "craft", but she knows how to structure a sentence and a story properly. It takes the burden off the reader when they aren't compensating for a writer blundering around and knocking things over. She also has a wry take on things; her humor is genuine and uncontrived. I can definitely get one of her books sandy, and read it with sunglasses on.

Safari Stew

Doll Reynolds receives word that her missing husband, Barclay, has been discovered teaching in a South African university. Rather than call the school, she arranges a trip to confirm the information for herself. Six of her Blender friends join her for support. Old Howard arranges a luxurious safari as a side trip to either celebrate finding Barclay or to console Doll if she doesn’t. Either way, the trip leads to murder.

Available for $4.95 on AmazonKobo, and at the Champagne Bookstore.

I tend to like Sci-fi like Keith Willis.

Traitor Knight

When Morgan McRobbie rescues a damsel-in-distress from a dragon, he expects she’ll swoon, murmuring “My hero!” Instead, Marissa has only loathing for the man everyone believes will betray Kilbourne. That’s fine with Morgan. A woman in his life would just complicate things.

A high-level informer threatens the kingdom’s security, and Morgan is out to stop him. Posing as a turncoat himself, he walks a fine line between honor and betrayal. A single misstep could result in disaster, and his mission is fraught with distractions: the pesky dragon, a pair of conniving courtiers, and the disillusioned damsel who’s certain Morgan can’t be trusted.

If Morgan’s going to save the kingdom, win the girl, and manage to stay alive, he’ll need to step up his game. Because the traitor is lurking in the shadows, and his scheme calls not just for the betrayal of Kilbourne, but also the destruction of Morgan McRobbie.

Available for $4.99 on AmazonKobo, and at the Champagne Bookstore.

Elfin Nights. Lush, vivid setting descriptions. Author uses all five senses to bring her world alive.
Superior worldbuilding, gripping conflict, and excellent pace. Basically Brantwijn rocks. Plus, the sex is hot.
- Celia Breslin

Elfin Nights

A fae Knight’s life belongs to the monarchies, but for Finn of the Morrigan, his life comes second to his heart. And his heart belongs to his ladies.

The changeling princesses of the Springtime elves share a unique bond with their Knight—a bond that must remain perfectly secret. When the Queen of the Elves discovers their passionate love, she curses and exiles Finn from the elfin lands forever. With their guardian sent away to a lifeless wasteland, the royal changelings have no defense when the unseen enemies of the Four Courts attack, and the House of Elves falls.

To save his loves, Finn will need to break out of prison, undertake a perilous journey across the lands of Thairy, face wicked creatures, rogue Knights, and one of the most dangerous monsters in the fae world.

The enemy will soon learn what it means to provoke a true Son of War.

Available for $1.99 on AmazonKobo, and at the Champagne Bookstore.

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