Monday, February 13, 2017

Sneak Peek at Upcoming Book - Penetrating the Darkness

~Coming March 6th, 2017~

Dusty had to admit having a full belly for a change felt incredible. Since his capture, he’d been fed a variety of disgusting things which one wouldn’t consider food, or starved for days. Being able to eat as much as he wanted without having it taken away made his imprisonment a tad bit easier. Still, he stayed guarded. He fully expected at any time they might haul him back to his cell. Given his present company, his cell right now had its benefits.

He wasn’t used to crowds, preferred working and being on his own, most of the time. But even if he did enjoy the company of others, he wouldn’t like this particular group. Not only were they filthy beasts who preferred their meat raw, their blood warm, and their music loud, but they were vulgar and rowdy. And if the guy next to him elbowed him one more time, Dusty was going to stab his fork into the guy’s twitching left eye.

“Ain’t that right, Destroyer?”

When the elbow came toward him, again, Dusty shifted out of the man’s reach, wrapping his fingers around his fork. One more time, you creep.

“Our new recruit needs to be initiated,” Chaos spoke as he stood. “And tested. Take him out on a hunt. Use one of the fleshies as bait.” He rested his hand on Dusty’s shoulder, giving it a squeeze. “And remember what you wear on your ankle, my boy.”

How could he forget? The damn tracker was cutting into his skin.

“Behave, and you will be allowed to come and go as you please.”

Oh, goodie. Wasn’t he the luckiest hostage ever?

He was elbowed again, only this time Dusty didn’t hide his annoyance. “You do that again, Slasher, and I’ll rip your arm off and slap you with it.”

The whole room roared with laughter. The big, beasty guy ruffled Dusty’s hair. It wasn’t a pleasant experience.

“You kill me, kid,” Slasher laughed, ruffling Dusty’s hair a little more.

Yeah, he’d sure like to kill the asshole. Where the murderous urge came from he wasn’t sure. He wasn’t a killer. He’d never so much as thought about murder or harming anything living. Deep breaths, Dusty. Calm the fuck down.
“Come on, let’s take you out and see what you can do.” The brute lifted him, literally, off his seat and set him on his feet.

Dusty’s jaw ached with the tension of clenching it. Touch me again, and I’ll make you sing soprano.

“And, boys,” Chaos lifted a finger, “do take him downtown. We don’t need certain people sniffing around here should you become noticed.”

“Yes, sir,” Slasher acknowledged, dragging Dusty along as he left the room. “You and me, kid, are gonna be best pals.”

Not if he could help it. But Dusty kept up the pretense, smiling despite the desire to strangle him.

~To be Continued~

Penetrating the Darkness

Amara loves her job caring for Felicity, the child stolen from her parents by the vampire queen. Gifted with more power than a child should possess, Felicity escapes to look for her mother and father, and takes Amara with her. Thrust into a strange, dark world, Amara’s loyalty and caregiving skills will be put to the test.

Dusty hoped to finish college and become a biologist. Until a sadistic vampire kidnapped, tortured, and turned him. When he’s taken out to find his own victim, Dusty’s chance to free himself arrives in the form of a bright white flash, a beautiful young blonde, and a small child with the ability to incinerate anything and anyone with merely a thought. As the three work together to find Felicity’s parents, Dusty and Amara discover a deep affection for each other.

Can their budding relationship survive the power struggle between warring vampire factions?

Available for preorder on the Champagne Bookstore website.

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