Thursday, April 20, 2017

Bai Tide by Erika Mitchell Review by

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My rating for Bai Tide – 4
Bai Tide by Erika Mitchell is a fun book filled with adventure and humor. The novel features an American CIA agent of Chinese origin who is brave, sarcastic, and self-deprecating.
I do enjoy the spy genre very much, and have read most of the Ian Fleming James Bond novels. This novel is more like the Bond movies and not like the books, even though Hsu and the literary Bond share the same self-doubt, guilt and obligatory cockiness, and loyalty to country and allies.
The book is mostly action, and I’m quite impressed that Ms. Mitchell managed to develop her characters in such a short book while keeping the story rolling along at a very fast pace. The author writes action very well, her description of hand-to-hand combat is fast, descriptive and exciting.
There are some plot holes, as in many other books of the genre and some of the rookie mistakes Agent Hsu made were, I felt, out of character for a trained agent. I’m nitpicking of course, it’s the little things as we all know, but I still enjoyed the book.
Bai Tide is a light, fast read with loveable characters and exploit. The book is easy to read and a good introduction to those interested in getting into the espionage or thriller genre.
Bai Hsu, a CIA case officer, gets a “bonus” in the form of an easy assignment at a high-security private school. A North Korean operative tries to break into the school and our hero must find out why.
As Hsu continues to investigate, and get the volleyball team ready for their tournament., he discovers a plot he must stop and save millions of people in the process.

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