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Savvy Saturday: Excerpt From Upcoming Book, Sun Catch Her, by Tiffany Sherman

Sun Catch Her is the first of a new fantasy series, Three Rivers Deep, brought to you by Tiffany J. Sherman. This book combines magic, the elements, and adventure to the point that I'd be surprised if you didn't visit her website to ask for book two! It is available for preorder now, and you can grab a copy at the Champagne Bookstore, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon so you won't forget later, and miss an opportunity to read this amazing story. To get you started, here is a sneak peek of this great new book!


“Aurora, you need to turn your attention to the sky again. You’re going to miss the best part.”

“What? Where?!” My eyes went wide, and I searched the heavens. “Where do I need to be looking?”

“Directly overhead.”

I snuck a quick peek at Micah when he stretched out an arm, his fingers positioned to resemble devil horns. Nice.


“Sorry, sorry! I’m watching.” My head tilted back.

The light originated from a single point, a rapid red glow that expanded in all directions as far as the eye could see. With the short, tragic lifespan of half a heartbeat, the crimson flash filled everything above in an instant, and then, it was gone.

“What was that?” I asked, still looking at the sky, now dark. “And where did it go so quickly?”

“A high-atmospheric electrical discharge. It’s called a lightning Sprite,” Micah informed me. “Keep watching. You haven’t seen the best part.”

My transformed eyes strained to catch a glimpse of what he was talking about. Out of the darkness a blood colored hue emerged. Slowly, it drifted down, soon making its way close enough for me to see individual specs. “It looks like red glitter!”

“It is aether, shaken loose from the skies.”

So falling aether. Still looked like red glitter to me. Millions upon millions of sparkly flakes shimmering against the night like flurries turned ruby. They swooped down upon us in wafting billows, dusting us. My breath caught as I watched Micah’s aura transform when it hit him. The aether intermingling with his aura flowed in thin rivulets that caressed his body to turn his aura brilliant, the white light of it tinted scarlet. He looked to be caught up in his own personal storm lingering on the edge of a vivid sunset, the red, twisted light of his aura writhing electrically in his hair, dancing over his skin.

“Aurora.” Micah’s eyes were fixed upon me as well.

He spoke my name with a reverence I had never heard another person use, and I made my way over to him on my hands and knees, blanket trailing. The fleece blanket slipped away to expose me to the chill.

“My sweet, sweet Aurora,” Micah whispered again, gaze going solemn. “You blaze as though your souls have been set on fire!”

“I want to touch you,” I murmured.

The light flowing around him changed color the closer I neared. What started out as red transitioned to orange, then bright orange, and now a brilliant yellow. The effect it had on him was indescribable, and now I understood why he’d given me the aether-woven dress. This was what he'd seen: my aura’s light changing color as the fabric pulsed against my skin in reaction to my emotions.

I was nearly to him when Micah wrapped his arms about himself. “You shouldn’t come any closer,” he protested, but I continued toward him anyway, only inches from his crossed legs now as his tinted aura changed to green. I could feel the electrical charge radiating from his skin. The air was sharp with its presence.

“Aurora,” Micah’s words came out ragged, torn. “Oh gods! All I want to be able to do is touch you!”

“Then do it.”

His gaze became desperate, and his fears tasted real, probably worrying about the time in the hospital when he had nearly electrocuted me. I wanted to believe his fears were unfounded. You’re so much older now. You are in control.

About the Author

Tiffany J. Sherman wears many hats: Author, Artist, Christmas ornament and cat tree maker...

A lot of her female characters tend to be firecrackers each in their own way; some harmlessly pop, snap and glitter, while others will blow your entire arm off! Tiffany spent her teenage years as a “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Xena Warrior Princess” diehard, and her tendency for writing spunky, cheeky young women tends to reflect that.

"It is my hope that Three Rivers Deep embraces you, lifts you above your everyday circumstances. I hope Aurora and the gang can help you escape boredom, anxiety, hurt, loss. Whatever your situation, whatever your reason for reading, allow me to whisk you away!"

Head on over to for regular book updates and music! Continue that post-story afterglow with the Three Rivers Deep playlist, music videos and more!

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