Monday, June 12, 2017

Sneak Peek at July Release Witch on Parole by Kay Latour

Take a sneak peek at the new book, Witch on Parole, coming this July! This is the *almost* finished product, so not only is it a sneak peek, you also get a little insight into the book-building process. Cool, right? Well, without further ado, here is your snippet.

~Coming July, 2017~

The door of the van swung open, and a man stepped out. I stopped jogging the moment I saw him. He walked away from me and went farther down the street. My heart jumped against my ribs. It’s Askell! Or was my mind playing tricks on me? What’s he doing here in Harlow’s Rock? I opened my mouth to call out to him but a red Mustang peeled down the street and distracted me. It parked on the same side of the road and Askell’s twin walked on.

Askell’s twin leaned into the driver’s side door. They looked to be having a conversation. I wanted to see what they were up to but I couldn’t let them catch me staring. I put my index and middle finger on the side of my neck and pretended to take my pulse. Then I raised my left arm in front of my face as if I had a watch on. They wouldn’t be able to see I was pretending. Not from that far away.

Mustang Guy sprang out of his car and beat a path to the trunk. Askell’s twin followed him. Even from this far away I noticed that Mustang Guy had a pale bluish tone to his skin. A vampire. He had brown hair and was tall and thin with a goatee. What’s a vampire doing outside when there’s still light in the sky? Granted, it was dusk, and the sun would be going down soon, but the light should still burn him. If he were a vampire, and he really did look like one, then he must have drunk fairy blood.

Fairy blood was addictive to vampires. It allowed them to go out in the sun for short periods of time. After spending a few centuries in the dark, going out into the sunlight provided a true high. But fairies didn’t just give anything away, they were tricksters by nature. Wheelers and dealers. And they were tough. When you tried to tangle with a fairy you were likely to end up jinxed, poxed, robbed, or dead. Fairy blood was never obtained easily. It could only be bought on the black market. And that meant high priced. This guy is either rich or an addict or both.

Mustang Guy passed something to Askell’s twin. Askell’s twin whirled around and hightailed it back to the van at a clipped pace.

I spun around and bent down to tie my shoelaces. Pretend shoelaces. I had Velcro shoes on, but they wouldn’t know. I could still see them, even with my head bent down. They were upside down, but I had a clear visual. I figured they wouldn’t notice me because I was practicing one of the oldest tricks in the book: hiding in plain sight.

As I watched them, a chill skittered across my skin. I don’t want Askell’s twin to recognize me. Why? I couldn’t tell you. I knew this guy might be the real Askell. And if he was, I should want to see him. Shouldn’t I? I should want to hear him call me Little Bird. Sink into his arms. Kiss his warm lips. But I didn’t.

Within moments, both cars sped away. I jogged back home. It was weird seeing an Askell twin in Harlow’s Rock. Of course, I wasn’t sure it was him. What would he be doing here anyway? Shouldn’t he be somewhere else, stealing something?
By the time I reached home, I had dismissed all thoughts of him. All I thought about was climbing that awesome jungle gym. And how good the shower was going to feel after my workout. How cozy my new powder blue pajamas with the fluffy white clouds would be. How comfortable my soft double bed was. How incredible it was that this was my home. Galeron’s home. Where I was safe and had a good future ahead. 

About the Author

Kay Latour resides in Ottawa – Canada’s capital city – with her Techie Wizard husband and two built-in-alarm-system Chihuahuas. She is a self proclaimed nerd and bookworm. She loves fantasy, paranormal and science fiction stories in book, TV or movie form. She patiently waits for the return of the science fiction series FIREFLY – Browncoats forever!

Early on she discovered that her elementary school library contained amazing books like Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Hans Christian Anderson’s Fairy Tales and Greek myths. The stories within spoke of goblins, witches, fairies, deities, giants and all manner of magical folk! Incredible! It struck a spark and stoked her imagination. From that time on she gravitated to any type of fantasy, mythology, science fiction or paranormal books she could get her hands on.

Now that Kay’s two children have reached ‘the age of reason’ she has time to write her own stories.

You can find Kay on her website, Fae and Witches and Ghosts - Oh My!, and soon will find her new book on the CBG website.

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